"My kind of day is to go and help people on a daily basis"

“My kind of day is to go and help people on a daily basis. It involves the likes of telling them about the blind persons travel pass, the blind persons tax allowance, getting registered, what kind of benefits they can get when they get registered, referrals to other organisations like Deafblind Scotland, who can do a benefits check on them. Try to get speakers for my support group meetings, that’s always a good one.

Charities and the third sector could try to do more, but at the moment the Macular Society gets no funding from the Government at all. The Macular Society is self funded from donations from the members. 600,000 people are living with Macular disease in the UK at this point in time but we only see a fraction of those people. In 2020 we reckon that number will be closer to 2 million. One of the biggest problems is that people don’t get told about visual illness nations. I often carry around Wiley cards for different eye conditions to show people the affects and what people with visual impairments see, rather than having to try explain what they experience – can and can’t see. It is a lot easier carrying these around rather than simulation glasses. A good tool to show people when out and about.”

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