A collection of stories from people across the country highlights the realties people faced in the first months of the pandemic.

A second collection of stories from across Scotland has been published by the ALLIANCE highlighting the realities faced by disabled people, people living with long term conditions and unpaid carers during the pandemic. Also capturing stories from staff working in the NHS in Scotland and in the country’s health and social care third sector, the new book creates a permanent record of life during COVID-19.

The 34 stories shared in the collection put a spotlight on the fact that there were many people disproportionately affected by the pandemic. People who contributed their experiences share on the difficulties faced by those living with sensory loss in accessing services, the impact on people whose medical treatments were cancelled or delayed as a result of COVID-19 and the impact on unpaid carers who provided more support when essential social care and other services were withdrawn. The commitment and dedication of health and social care staff is clearly present in the pieces shared by nurses, Allied Health Professionals and home care workers.

Published in four formats – an online PDF version, an audiobook, a Braille version and a book that will be donated to every public library in Scotland – the publication represents the ALLIANCE’s guiding principle of ‘people at the centre’. In the collection we hear directly from those whose lived experience of the pandemic must inform our policy and practice across Scotland as we remobilise and recover our health and social care services.

Read the PDF version online here: Humans of Scotland COVID-19 PDF

Read the Word version online here: Humans of Scotland COVID-19 Word format

Listen to the Humans of Scotland COVID-19 audiobook

The audiobook can also be accessed on our ALLIANCE LIVE Spotify page.

Order a copy of the Braille book from Sight Scotland and Scottish Braille Press