Woman in yellow top with daughter in wheelchair against back drop of graffiti with black taxi backdrop

"Our beautiful baby girl Lyla was diagnosed at 9 months old with quadriplegic cerebral palsy"

“I never intended on being a stay at home mum. I had always planned on returning to my job part time after our second baby was born, as I had following the birth of our first baby. This was before I realised that the decision of whether to return to work or stay home might not be one I would get to make of my own volition. We were living in Australia when our beautiful baby girl Lyla was diagnosed at 9 months old with quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Lyla started attending therapy and I realised that I wasn’t going back to my old job any time soon. I worked for myself for a year but my thoughts were always on work and not on Lyla where they should have been.

Gradually I accepted that I couldn’t give Lyla the attention she needed and continue running my own business. Three years ago we returned to Glasgow to be closer to our families.  My husband works in England through the week and I am the kids’ primary care giver. Lyla attends our local mainstream school with her brother so my focus and time is spent on working closely with her amazing school to make sure she is settled and learning, making sure she gets the rest she needs to last the day, remembering that we have to build a castle for homework or that tomorrow is dress down day.

After 6.5 years I have come to embrace my role as a stay at home mum and channel my creative itches into writing and helping with community and school projects. As my mum once told me, maybe the most important job for me to have at this point in my life is to be Lyla and Blair’s mum.”

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