Woman in greenery area holding blazer

"Someday, Frankie and I will meet again where the angels learn to fly, and I know he’ll be waiting for me"

“Manchester Utd was Frankie’s first club that he played for professionally and the players who played under Sir Matt Busby wore the Busby Babe Blazer, which Frankie got when he was seventeen years old.

Fast forward to his courageous battle with dementia which began in 2008. He had lost his job, we both hadn’t reached pension age, and I’d given up my work to care for him and were struggling to pay the ordinary household bills and the personal care charges.

He said, “what about my Man United blazer?” So, we found an avid Man United collector and we sold it to him.

We didn’t get a lot of money for it, but got enough to help to pay the bills. It was quite heart wrenching letting it go.

It was one Tuesday in April 2014 and we knew that Frankie didn’t have that long to live. A knock came to the door, our son Scott went to answer it. He came through to the bedroom and said, “there’s a big box in the kitchen for you and dad mum”. Here was the blazer and the most beautiful note from the guy who had bought it, saying he wanted to gift it back to Frankie because he’d heard how seriously ill he was.

I remember putting it on a hanger, hanging it on the back of the door and saying to Frankie, “your blazer’s come home son, and when you waken up, you’ll see it”. The following morning, he died at ten past six. I think he was just waiting for his blazer to come home.

Frank’s Law was a campaign to extend free personal care to the under 65’s in Scotland. We found through Frankie’s journey, as he deteriorated and was assessed as needing help with personal care, he was charged for it, but if he were over 65 it was free.

It got me thinking how many other under 65’s in Scotland weren’t as lucky as us, they didn’t have memorabilia they could sell to pay for that personal care. a lot of them were struggling paying for that personal care.

I so wish Frankie was here today to see how many people are going to be helped by the law that’s now named after him and that his death was not in vain.

Someday, Frankie and I will meet again where the angels learn to fly, and I know he’ll be waiting for me. I’ve just got to be patient.”

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