"Unpaid carers require much more support as many feel taken for granted"

“I’ve been a carer for my immediate family members over 50 years and I have multiple long-term complex conditions myself which were initially diagnosed in my mid 30’s, and now at 75, I have many concerns about health and social care and the future of our NHS. As a family, we have unfortunately experienced very poor and negligent care at times and recently I personally had a very concerning experience while trying to access urgent unscheduled care.

Fortunately, I have also experienced excellent, effective, person-centred, holistic healthcare at the NHS Centre for Integrative Care, that I attribute to the transformation in my health and outlook. Importantly I have learned the skills that I needed to help me in the self-management of my conditions. However, I was dismayed to see this multi-award-winning service being wilfully cut despite achieving 100% patient satisfaction ratings and outstanding, wonderful patient reviews on Care Opinion.

The NHS has much to learn from this person-centred approach and how this service effectively delivers individualised care, which although it is low-tech and low-cost this certainly helps those who are fortunate to be referred as it transformative in helping them to live more positively with their condition/s. People become more empowered as they learn the skills that they need to help them to self-manage.

Unpaid carers require much more support as many feel taken for granted and it is important that unpaid carers feel valued and appreciated for the role that they provide, given that they are saving the NHS and social care services. They deserve ongoing support in their role and to be able to access the training they need and for Carer’s Allowance to be more generous and to be entitled to regular respite so that they can continue to provide care effectively.”


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