Links Worker Programme, making links between people and their communities through their GP Practice.

The Links Worker Programme aims to mitigate the impact of the social determinants of health in people that live in areas of high socioeconomic deprivation (top 15% SIMD).

The programme is gathering and sharing learning about the ‘links worker’ role and supporting others who are interested in this way of working. We share our learning via the publication of Record of Learning documents, shared learning events, and programme-to-programme support.

These were published to capture learning over the first two years of programme delivery. They are arranged around specific elements of the programme and are intended to be easily digestible and usable for the reader.

Series 2 looks more in depth at the nature of the role and types of issues being faced in this type of work attempting transformational change to better mitigate negative impacts from social determinants of health in those affected by disadvantage.

Series 1 covers topics like recruiting for and managing the role, working successfully with general practice, and outlines the concepts behind the programme as well as detailing how the programme was conceived and brought to life.