Connecting people and organisations interested in the links approach

The National Links Worker Programme aims to facilitate shared learning across people and organisations that are interested in community connected primary care and links approaches.

There are many programmes and people interested in this way of working. It’s nothing new but it is becoming increasingly popular. Ironically, we’re often so busy linking people to opportunities that we don’t find the time to stop, look around and link in with each other. As an organisation with over 2000 members, the ALLIANCE is well placed to connect people and programmes and share learning across these programmes.

​The National Links Worker Programme has aimed to capture all learning since its conception. We share this learning by producing Record of Learning (RoL) modules that present the narrative of programme development, relaying the approach adopted and lessons learned in a readable and usable format.

These are likely to prove useful for various professionals working across healthcare/primary care and throughout the third sector. It should prove especially relevant to organisations seeking to further active integrated working between primary care and other diverse organisations, including any that seek to develop a new role and contribute to supporting organisational cultural change.

As well as being a practical usable guide that openly shares the learning gained from our programme, it is hoped that activities around it’s dissemination will contribute to the furthering of a more open culture of collaboration through sharing learning across the third sector and beyond.

If you would like to join the Links Worker Network, please contact us here.