A new lived experience network will be supported by the ALLIANCE to influence changes in Long Covid care in Scotland.

The ALLIANCE, in partnership with Asthma + Lung UK and Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, has established a network for people affected by Long Covid to gain views from a wide range of people to inform service delivery in Scotland.

The network forms part of the Scottish Government’s Long Term Effects of COVID-19 Strategic Framework and is directly feeding into the Clinical/Subject Matter Expert Group, the Service Planning Group and the Steering Group within the Framework.

The network, supported by the ALLIANCE, will bring together people affected by Long Covid to inform the design, development and implementation of Long Covid services at local and national level across Scotland.

The network launched a survey in September 2022 to collect information about individual’s experiences of Long Covid in Scotland, and what their priorities for service design and provision in Scotland.

You can read the insight report produced from the information shared within the survey here.

If you would like further information about the network, or have any questions, please get in touch at longcovid@alliance-scotland.org.uk or phone 0141 404 0231 and ask for Olivia Friend-Spencer.

To join the network, complete the below network joining form and if you are comfortable to do so, the equality monitoring form and email them to longcovid@alliance-scotland.org.uk

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