Imbedding active listening, kindness and person centred approaches in the heart of the organisation.

Social Security Scotland has partnered with the ALLIANCE since Autumn 2020 to deliver value-driven, reflective development sessions to its staff across all job roles and locations. Initially 40 sessions to 1000 colleagues, delivered by the ALLIANCE’s National Lead for Caring and Outreach Tommy Whitelaw, this commitment to instilling the values of What matters to you? (this link will take you away from our website) and Intelligent Kindness has grown to shape the organisation as a whole.

Social Security Scotland’s Executive Advisory Body provided clear direction through the corporate plan for the organisation to become an ‘intelligent kind organisation.’

To achieve this, Social Security Scotland has undertaken a number of initiatives to embed Intelligent Kindness across the organisation, in line with its corporate values of Dignity, Fairness and Respect.

Here are a few examples:

Introduced a new Intelligent Kindness Group

An Intelligent Kindness Group made up of representatives from across Social Security Scotland meet monthly to discuss and review the implementation progress of Intelligent Kindness across the organisation. The group keeps its approach to Intelligent Kindness under constant review.

Corporate Induction Programme

Intelligent Kindness forms part of Social Security Scotland’s new recruit induction programme. Colleagues are made aware of Intelligent Kindness and offered the opportunity to attend a full You Make a Difference (Intelligent Kindness – What matters to you? – Civility Saves Lives) session delivered by the ALLIANCE. These sessions highlight the impact of Intelligent Kindness and how it is relevant to Social Security Scotland.

Intelligent Kindness cafés

Intelligent Kindness cafés will be set up where colleagues can meet in an informal environment, where they feel more at ease and able to share stories and experiences.

Refresher Intelligent Kindness training

From January 2022, refresher training will be available for all colleagues to access as required.

Intelligent Kindness Pledges

Social Security Scotland colleagues have committed to ensuring kindness is an integral part of how they work and interact with each other. They pledge to

  • Show respect to each other
  • Adopt a person-centred approach to dealing with each other and clients
  • Look out for each other
  • Keep in touch with each other and ask What Matters to You?

What Matters To You Day

A ‘What Matters To You’ Day annual event takes place across Social Security Scotland. Taking the time to ask, “What matters to you?” is a simple but powerful question that can make a real difference to clients, stakeholders and colleagues.

The first What Matters To You Day was held on 9 June 2021, with Janet Richardson, Deputy Director of Operations and Intelligent Kindness Executive Sponsor sharing what matters to her and discussing how kindness can have a big impact and how it will help Social Security Scotland achieve the commitments in its Charter.