Updates shared by the People at the Centre programme to inform the Mobilisation Recovery Group and mobilisation of healthcare services

In September 2020, the Cabinet Secretary invited the ALLIANCE as a member of the Mobilisation Recovery Group, to lead engagement work with people in Scotland.  This work ensured there is a wide person centred focus from the perspective of people who access support and services and the voice of lived experience is heard.

As a part of this programme we have been producing regular updates for the Mobilisation Recovery Group. These updates share lived experience of the COVID-19 pandemic collated from a wide range of sources including research produced by our members and other third sector organisations, as well as emerging insights from our own engagement activities.

Each update is focused on a particular theme, community or piece of research and provides a short overview of the health and wellbeing impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had in these areas.

For further information and to find out about the work we have done so far, download and view the newsletter updates.