In this section, you can find example policies that you can adapt and implement to support your organisation's engagement practices.

Creating and implementing effective policies is essential for fostering a supportive environment for lived experience engagement. This section provides a selection of the ALLIANCE’s policies that you can adapt and implement in your organisation, which have proven successful in promoting inclusivity, respect, and ethical practices across our programmes and lived experience networks.

You can view our example policies by clicking on the boxes below and downloading the files.

Please note that the policies on this site have been designed for and reflect the work of the ALLIANCE.  They do not constitute legal or other professional advice. While you are welcome to adapt these policies for your own use, you should consult your professional adviser for legal and other advice.

You may also need to adapt these policies to better suit the communities you are supporting or speaking to, and the unique needs they may have. It is also important to continually update your policies to reflect the needs of your community members and stakeholders, as well as your evolving organisational values.

We are continually developing new resources to share on the Knowledge Hub, but if you are looking for policies in a specific area that we have not covered, please feel free to suggest topics to us by emailing