The ALLIANCE have set up the heart disease network as we want to hear about individual experiences and work with them to make improvements.

To ensure we can improve access to the right care, treatment, and support, and minimise preventable heart disease, the Scottish Government refreshed the Heart Disease Action Plan which will be overseen by a National Heart Disease Task Force. It is important that this Task Force is influenced and informed by people with lived experience of heart disease.

To support the implementation of the action plan, the ALLIANCE, Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland, and British Heart Foundation have set up a Heart Disease Lived Experience Network and Reference Group to directly hear about people’s individual experiences. Our aim is to ensure people are at the centre, that their voices, expertise, and rights drive policy and sit at the heart of design, delivery and improvement of support and services.

It is important that individual lived experiences are at the heart of this work and would welcome participation at all levels. Network members will have access to various opportunities to inform and influence the National Heart Disease Task Force. Hearing from individuals is crucial in identifying priority issues and in raising awareness of the experiences of people living with heart disease.

If you would like further information or have any questions, please get in touch at or phone 0141 404 0231 and ask for Kerry Ritchie.

To join the network, simply complete the network form. It would be helpful if you could also return the equality monitoring information and email it to as we want to ensure we are representative.

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