Become an ALLIANCE member today to access a range of benefits.

The ALLIANCE membership network brings together over 3,000 organisations and individuals working to improve the lives of people who use health and social care services in Scotland.

As an ALLIANCE member, you’ll be a key part of over 3,000 people and organisations working collaboratively and with a shared vision.

Our members represent a diverse community that are committed to working together. We welcome membership from:

  • Disabled people, people living with long term conditions and unpaid carers
  • Health and social care providers
  • Health and social care professionals
  • Third sector organisations of all sizes
  • Grassroots and user led organisations
  • Corporate organisations who wish to show support to the ALLIANCE

Beyond connecting within this dynamic network, benefits of becoming a member include a range of members networking events, training and development sessions; opportunities to platform your work to other members and work collaboratively with the ALLIANCE; regular bulletins; and the chance to input on policy and research findings.

Interested? Become a member now. 

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