Section: Membership

Read about how our members have changed the way they work when rising to the challenge of responding to the COVID-19 crisis.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) can make anyone seriously ill. But some people are at a higher risk and need to take extra steps to avoid becoming unwell. The public bodies that make up our National Health Service are leading the fight against the virus in the UK, but we have all played a role in the response.

ALLIANCE members have been at the forefront of measures to mitigate COVID-19’s impact. We are highlighting the work of our members in their response to COVID-19 and continued commitment to supporting people and communities that rely on them. We have all had to change the way we work, specifically by working remotely in line with government guidance.

Raising awareness

Our members have acted fast to ensure people of all ages who are disabled or living with long term conditions, and unpaid carers, have a strong voice and access to accurate healthcare information and advice. There are many ways our members are helping during this time including targeted signposting and population wide communications.

In addition to information hubs, social media sites are playing their part in ensuring people get accurate information. According to Ofcom, more than half of people now access news from social media sites (this link will take you away from our website) and our members have responded by creating resources and digital social media content dispelling any false information and supporting mental health and wellbeing.

Moving digital

Our members have embraced digital delivery of services and events and shifted to remote working where possible in order to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. By embracing the power of digital delivery, our members have been able to meet both existing and increased demand. The advent of reliable video conferencing, instant messaging and other integrated apps are helping to enable this.

Policy and advocacy

Our members have been at the forefront of ensuring people with lived experience are at the heart of the UK and Scottish Government’s policy-making related to managing the COVID-19 outbreak.

These are just some of the actions our members are undertaking to help respond to COVID-19. This information is accurate at the date of publication, Monday 23rd March 2020.

Please contact if you would like your work during COVID-19 to be included and shared among our network.