A new partnership with Scottish Ballet Health exploring pathways for neurological dance health programmes into health and care settings.

Scottish Ballet has partnered with the ALLIANCE to develop and explore the pathways for social prescribing of dance across Scotland. Scottish Ballet Health is a National Centre for Dance Health and has been delivering innovative work within this field since 2013, benefiting over 400,000 participants through a combination of classes, health resources, engagement programmes, online resources and research studies.

Dance health can be described as providing holistic, evidence-based movement activities to help manage the physical, mental and social well-being of those taking part. Considering the whole-person, taking a person-centred approach the classes have in-person, online and hybrid options. The live music and social café are integral elements that aim to enhance the dancer’s connection with others and the environment. 

The project aims to increase the third sector’s capacity to contribute to health and social care integration. Sharing knowledge and experience, building on a shared language and the communication of the benefits of dance health and exploring its place within health promotion, living well for longer. The project is committed to contributing towards building sound foundations for all social prescribing offerings across Scotland.

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