The aim of the programme is to hear from a range of voices, including the seldom heard communities.

To support the work of the NACNC the ALLIANCE’S Neurological programme, in collaboration with the Neurological Alliance of Scotland, will be leading a programme of work to engage with a wide range of people living with a neurological condition, and understand their experiences of accessing services and to develop recommendations and priorities for the future to enhance their health and wellbeing.  Initially, this will involve collating existing evidence from different conditions from a range of sources, including the third sector.

The programme will directly involve individuals with lived experience. We will identify the range of people we want to engage with a use a number of methods to engage with them. This would include working with the individual charities and establishments using a range of approaches such as surveys, focus groups and one to one interviews. In addition there will be engagement with other potential partners e.g. Our Voice, Care opinion, Neurological Voices and the Health and Social Care Academy as well as providers of care across sectors, to maximise routes to support and collect input. Key themes will be collated and help to shape the priorities future national action plan being progressed through the committee. This will ensure that future work at national and local level is informed by lived experience and the opportunities to transform lives and services are maximised.