The ALLIANCE are supporting public involvement in the Independent Inquiry into Mental Health Services in Tayside

The ALLIANCE has been remitted to contribute to the work of the Tayside Inquiry into Mental Health Services by setting up a Stakeholder Participation Group that will contribute to setting the terms of reference of the inquiry and support the local community to be fully involved in the process.

The ALLIANCE has undertaken a wide programme of engagement across Tayside in collaboration with third sector partners. The report from this work can be downloaded below.

The report is based on feedback from over 200 people across 23 workshops.

It notes a number of areas that improvements in the provision of mental health support in Tayside can be made; including improvements to preventative services, access, building a therapeutic environment and a more recovery focussed approach. Within these four areas the report identifies a number of recommendations for action.

The ALLIANCE would like to thank all of those who came to events and gave their views, along with the third sector organisations across Tayside who supported the work.

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