ALLIANCE Live with Amanda Croft CNO on International Nurses Day

Section: News Date Published: 12th May 2021

Amanda Croft CNO pays tribute to the nursing profession and shares the journey of her own career to mark International Nurses Day.

People and Networks

The aim of these programmes is to bring together the voices of disabled people, people living with long term conditions and unpaid carers to inform health and social care policy and practice.


Case studies

Working co-productively to prevent suicide in Scotland

Sarah Forster recounts the co-production approach taken during the development of the Scottish Government Suicide Prevention Action Plan.

30Days to go

Exploring Scotland’s 20-minute neighbourhoods

Online | 17/06/2021


Chronic pain guidelines make me feel like relieving my agony is considered a waste of money

Opinion Piece by Chris Bridgeford Chairman of Affa Sair, a charity helping people living with chronic pain.

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