Carer Voices works to promote the carer voice and person-centred care through its engagement with the health and social care workforce.

Carer Voices, managed by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE) is a Scottish Government funded project to engage with Health and Social Care professionals and students to promote a fuller understanding of the carer journey and provide a platform where carers can share their views and experiences of caring.

The project:

  • Creates a platform which captures the experiences of carers across Scotland with a view to inform future policy and service provision;
  • Raises awareness of the issues around caring for someone among health and social care professionals, students and the wider public;
  • Highlights the role of carers as experts, who should be recognised for the value that they bring to the life of their loved ones and to society as a whole; carers as people with needs; carers as people with independent lives;
  • Empowers carers by providing relevant signposting and information based on the Carers Strategy.

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