Our Pledge Case Studies take a look at what has been done with the pledges after our seminars including Pledge Trees, WMTY Walls and Reports

To date, the campaign has gathered 23,000 pledges to make a difference. Engaging with an estimated 160,000 people over the course of more than 800 talks since February 2014. The pledges are inspired by our You Can Make a Difference campaign, and are collected in a variety of means. This includes in person at awareness talks, at events such as conferences, via email and online through our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Throughout the journey of the campaign, the project team have been keen to learn about what works, and what changes if any are needed for the pledges to be fulfilled. As a result, the team have recommended that the hosting organisation for a talk should keep the pledges and work alongside their colleagues to make a difference. This has been done in a variety of ways by different partners, some of which are outlined in the case studies.

Download Dementia Carer Voices – Pledge Case Studies.

You can read all of the pledges we have received so far on our website, as well as our pledge case studies, most recent publication and 5 Steps to Change resource.



The way we engage with informal carers must change

Written by: James Townsend

Organisation: Mobilise

Published: 04/12/2019



Using technology to support informal carers

Written by: Lauren Pluss

Organisation: Carr Gomm

Published: 05/11/2019



The parallel lives we lead

Written by: Wendy Mitchell

Published: 04/11/2019