Building on Carer Voice's involvement with the WMTY movement, read some case studies that reflect on 'what matters?' to people.

As a part of ‘‘What Matters to You?’ Day (this link will take you away from our website) on the 6 June 2019, Carer Voices asked people to share their stories with us as case studies, videos, podcasts and photos.

We asked people:

  • What Matters To You?
  • Who Matters To You?

You can read what people shared with us here.



The importance of the lived experience of Carers in the Scottish Mental Health Law Review

Written by: John Scott QC

Published: 24/11/2020



Deafness and Dementia in Scotland – putting numbers on the map

Written by: Andrena McMenemy

Organisation: DataFakts Ltd

Published: 22/07/2020



“Passion is the heart of nursing”

Written by: Clare Manley

Published: 02/07/2020