Health and Social Care Academy pointing towards brighter future

The Academy is a cross-sectoral platform for transformational change in health and social care using the voice of lived experience.

The transformation of health and social care requires people with lived experience to be at the heart of it.  The Academy works to support people to do that through sharing their learning, connecting with others and ensuring that as many stakeholders as possible are viewing challenges through the lens of lived experience.

The Academy’s work is driven by the Five Provocations for the Future of Health and Social Care. These are ideas that drive a wide-ranging body of activity that is aimed at leading and supporting efforts to introduce radical positive change to health and social care in Scotland.

The Academy aims to develop partnerships with other organisations who are working  and supporting transformational change in health and social care.

Details of the Academy’s work can be found on the Working for change page.

If you have questions or want to get involved with the Academy, please email via or call 0141 404 0231.



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