The Academy works on a broad range of projects that address different challenges within health and social care in Scotland.

Some of the current work undertaken by the Academy can be found below, along with links to publications that the team has produced in conjunction with our partners.

Open Dialogue – Open Dialogue is a potentially transformational approach to supporting people experiencing mental distress. The Academy is exploring how this person-centred approach could be beneficial in Scotland. The Academy has published a paper on this, Emphasising Humanity: Open Dialogue.

Suicide Prevention Strategy The Academy has worked alongside The Samaritans, NHS Scotland to support the Scottish Government and to produce this Suicide Prevention Action Plan Report. 

Participatory Budgeting – As part of the Academy’s work exploring the transformative value in ceding power, participatory budgeting has been examined and supported. The Academy has published a paper on this, Ceding Power: Participatory Budgeting.

If you have any questions about our ongoing projects or would like to work with the Academy, please email or call 0141 404 0231.



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Written by: James Jopling

Member: Samaritans Scotland



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