Abbott Nutrition Nurses Scotland, England and Wales Pledge

Type: Pledge

Dementia Carer Voices UK Lead, Tommy, delivers a session to Abbott Nurses on 12 Jan 2018.

Massive thanks to Jackie Swannick, National Nurse Manager, Abbott Nurse Advisor Service for inviting Tommy to speak at the Abbott Nurse Advisor National Conference.

The Conference brought together, Abbott Nurse Advisors from Scotland, England and Wales for a day of Learning, Conversations and Celebrations.

Jackie and Tommy met at a conference a few months back and Jackie was keen for Tommy to speak at the Conference.

We were proud to share our Make a Difference Campaign, work with The CNO Scotland and Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing Midwifery and Care Staff.

Thank you for a brilliant day, the kindness and wonderful pledges below.


I will take time to find out what really matters to my patients, to try and help them along in their journey.


I will take more time to listen to my patients irrelevant of time constraints. It’s the person that matters and that is all.
Gemma Wilkins – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will ask my patients, friends and family what matters to them.
Matt McRandal – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will reflect on the presentation today and pledge to ask my sister what matters to her as she is going to have 2 knee replacements.
Deborah Skeete – RGN Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will always make time to stop and listen to people’s story.


I will plan to spend longer reviewing patients at home and ask, “what matters to you” and take time listening.
Frances Arthur – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will take a healthier approach to my daily life and improve both myself and children’s diet and activity levels.


I will allow myself to get into conversations with more people in my work and home life.
Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will go back to basic principles I was brought up around – See the person not who/what they are or what is their condition.


I will be a voice for people when I support, by leading the “what/who matters to you” way of thinking instead of what is matter with you.
Amanda Johnson – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will continue to treat each patient as a valued individual, ensuring they are at the centre of care myself and my colleagues provide.
Lisa-Jade Heath Cole – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will always try to put myself in others shoes and consider what/who matters and how to help make that change.
Mary Jane Horseburgh – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will ask what matter to my patients at every available opportunity. I will treat people with respect and compassion.
Susan Carter – RGN/Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will never take on board negative comments about a patient from a third party. I will always explain to patients with dementia who I am, what I am doing and give reassurance that I will not hurt them, and they do not need to be frightened.
Rosemary Westwood-Rose – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will involve the patients and their families more in the care I give, I will listen more and ask questions that matter more to the patients. I will also make reasonable adjustments for all.
Josie – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will listen – not just to the verbal and written messages but to the unspoken messages and looking at the broader picture for the person we visit and what’s going on in their lives.
Lucy O`Connor – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will make a difference valuing others, listening and being patient.
Joyce – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will be a great listener, triggering conversations with my patients. I will notice any details that concern me. I will offer my support unconditionally.
Danny Karystinos – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will pledge to ask my patients “what matters most to them” and what can I do that will make a difference to them.
Angela Danlon – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will spend time with patients getting to know their preference rather than making assumptions.


I will listen more and ask the right questions in order to gain a clearer picture of what matters to my clients and how and what I can do to help and make a difference.
Oluyemisi Sandey – Abbott Nurse Advisor


I will knock on my elderly neighbour’s door, and check they ok and if need any help.


I will be listening ear to my patients. Try to give them more time if possible.


I will continue to show care and compassion and kindness to my patients and those I come into contact with to treat everyone as an individual and a specialist in their own role.
I will endeavour to promote dignity of my patients and encourage others to talk to patients not at them. Visit my mum! Appreciate her.