Abertay, People, Pledges and Making a Difference

Type: Pledge

Abertay University Students pledge to make a difference on 21 Feb 2018

Thank you to Richard Craven and Robin Ion at Abertay University for hosting an open #makeadifference session at the University for partners and colleagues.

Also great thanks to Andrea Cameron, Faculty Lead for taking time to welcome everyone on the day.

Tommy was honoured to share our Make a Difference Campaign, Pledge Publication and key Message from Fiona McQueen CNO for Scotland.

A massive thanks to colleagues from across many sectors and students who to time to attend and for the wonderful pledges below.

Team DCV


I pledge to turn good intentions and meaningful actions and caring openly for patients and colleagues.


My pledge is to remember that every individual has their own personal story – medical conditions don’t define them, its only small part of who they are.


I pledge to compassionately promote confidence and continence in the most dignified way.


I pledge to ask people who and what matters to them and what matters before they die.
Tracey Rello – Student Nurse Mental Health


I pledge to learn one thing about every person I come into contact with, with this information I will always be able to just chat to them.
Liam Mackie – Student Nurse


I pledge to learn more on how to be a netter carer – to communicate to my colleagues and fellow students the message from today.


I pledge to ensure dignity and respect for each individual, what is important to teach person and what is important for each person is recognised and given unconditionally.
Janet McKenzie – Staff Nurse NHS Tayside


I pledge to never forget that everyone has a story, and to ask what matters to them.


I pledge to ensure I continue seeing the person and not the behaviour, challenges or diagnosis.


I will always ask what and who matters; I will continue to learn and develop my knowledge and skills to be a confident worker. I will always be kind and work hard to deserve the privilege of being part of someone’s story.


I pledge to start the journey of openly talking – with pledge tree within area. Empowering others to the thoughts of others.
Karen J Gourley – Senior Staff Nurse, NHS Tayside