Ayrshire College – Making a Difference

Type: Pledge

Our final Make a Difference session for 2018, with 2 sessions at Ayrshire College.

We started this campaign 4 years ago in Ayrshire launching the first pledge trees with wonderful colleagues at both Ayr and Crosshouse Hospitals.

So it seemed so very fitting over 850 talks later to over 160,000 people that we should end 2018 back in Ayrshire.

Big great thanks to David Carey, Lecturer, Julie Maxwell, Director of Learning and skills, care and early year education, Chris Hutchison, Head of Learning and skills, and the wonderful Health and Social Care HNC, Care and Administrative Practice Classes A and B and Access to Nursing Students for inviting us along for two sessions and to meet everyone.

We had the most wonderful day sharing our campaign and key messages from CNO for Scotland, Fiona McQueen and look forward to working with the college over 2019 on some #wmty19 projects.

Thank you for a wonderful end to 2018 and wonderful pledges below.

Irene, Tommy, Laura and Matthew – Team DCV 🙂


I pledge to work with management to improve learning experiences.


I pledge to continue to improve students learning experience.
Michael Steel


I pledge to take more time with students to find out their story and why they have choose this career path.


I pledge to take action to reinforce the value and importance of kindness in our relationships with others.


I will continue to ensure that every person in my care will be at the centre of the care that I provide.


I pledge to introduce “what matters to me” to my placement within a care home.
Brooke Keeley Whittaker


I pledge to always be kind and treat everyone with respect and ensure person centred care.


I pledge to never forget to be clinical, always be kind.
Seona McGeoch


I pledge to listen to everyone that has a story to tell.

My pledge is to continue to provide dignity to those affected by dementia. I will take what I have learned today and use it for the rest of my life.
Charlotte McLean


I pledge to provide the best care I possibly can.
Karyn McRobbie


I pledge to give people more of my time, attention and patients, to be more understanding and listen more.


I pledge to spend more time listening.


I will continue to treat everyone in my care to the highest standards, ensuring person centred care is always provided. I treat every individual how I would want my gran cared for.


My pledge is to always be “that nurse” that made the difference, however small to a person’s day, week, life 😊


I pledge to always actively listen to people and what matters to them. To always do my best to make propels day that little bit better.


I pledge to take the time to listen more.


I pledge to always actively listen and try my best to make people in my care that bit more happy. Also, that I will always enjoy my job.
Robyn MacAulay


I want to grow and increase the type of care I provide for others.


My pledge is to give the best care I can possibly give and maintain dignity and respect to those who are vulnerable.
Robyn Strain


I will always do my best to keep individuals I am caring for at the centre of my attention. I will always get to know them as a person and remember that they al have their individual lives and preferences.


I pledge to listen more.


I pledge I am going to listen to each person I care for on what I can do to improve my care to suit their needs more. Deliver the best person centred care I can.


I pledge to take more time to ask people how they are feeling and consulting them.


I pledge to take more time to ask people what matters to them and show them that I genuinely care.
Zoe McGinn


I pledge to take time to ask people what matters to them. Demonstrate kindness in everything I do.


I pledge to spend more time asking people what matters to them. Help others as much as I can and try to take their worries and make them smile.


I pledge to always be kind, approachable and do my best by any patient/client in my care.


I pledge to always be kind and treat everyone with respect.
Kayleigh Hunter


I pledge to always take the time to listen to really hear what is being said.


I pledge to treat everyone in my care how I would like treated. To always be kind and caring. To listen to what matters to them.


My pledge is to make at least one person smile every day.


I pledge to always make each individual that I care for to feel and be part of like.