Bangor Nursing Society Make Personal Pledges

Type: Pledge

13 December 2017 sees UK Lead, Tommy, visit Bangor Nursing Society.

Massive thanks to Ceri Chamorroand, Fern Williams and all at Bangor Nursing Society for kindly inviting Tommy to speak at Bangor University, Wrexham.

Tommy was down to speak at a Community Nursing Initiative event being held at the University on 13 December and the Nursing Society arranged a session for fellow society students after lunch.

Thank you to all The Nursing Society and to all who attended for a great afternoon full of kindness, care and inspirational pledges below.

Team DCV 🙂

I pledge to always ask my patients “what and who matters to you” to have this message in my mind whilst delivering care as a nurse, and in my personal relationships.
Karen Pilson – Student Nurse


I pledge to listen to my patient I will listen to their story and ask what is important to them.
Ceri Chamorro – Student Nurse


I will spend the time to ask patients what matter to you?


I will remember the life, love and beauty of everybody is what makes them, not a condition, diagnosis or bed number.
Sophie Jones – Student Nurse


I will become that nurse who came to you house and promise to change people’s life.
Ansa Samthosh – Student Nurse


I will always make others feel valued by asking what matters to them.
Kate Topple – Student Nurse


I pledge to continue to show dignity and respect to all patients.
Antonia Higgins – Student Nurse


I will take the time to get to know my patients. I will take the time to find out what matters and who matters to each one of them.
Kristen Hughes – Student Nurse


I will take the time to listen to what matters to people.
Sam Davis – Student Nurse


I will ensure that the what matter to me is completed, for each patient I work with.
Linda Wright – Student Nurse


I pledge to constantly keep my patient at the heart of everything I do I will always think of them as a person who has lived a life with a story to tell.
Zoe Hough – Student Nurse


I will take the time to listen and reflect on each of my patient’s individual needs.
Elle Batho – Student Nurse


I will always put the patient at the centre of everything I do. I will always be kind and show kindness.


I will show compassion towards patient/friends who suffer from dementia especially as a future staff nurse, I will provide appropriate person centre and holistic care.


I will always put my patients at the centre of my care. Every patient counts, so I will always ensure that they get the best care they can.
Natalie Evans – Student Nurse