Black Country Partnership Trust – People, Pledges and LCAV

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Massive thanks to Joyce Fletcher @joycefletcher18 , Executive Director of Nursing, Liz Whitehouse, Sarah Meakin  Deb Earl and Colleagues for inviting Tommy to speak at three sessions on 4 December 2017.

Joyce was keen for Tommy to speak at the monthly board members meeting sharing our Make a Difference Campaign and this was the foundation for setting up three talks on the day.

Tommy was joined by Stacey McCann, Head of Nursing Strategy and Commissioning at NHS England, who shared Leading Change, Adding Value, Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing, Midwifery and Care staff, which has truly formed and is embedded within the Trust Strategy.

Thank you Joyce, all the team and all who attended for a brilliant day full of kindness and care.

A few people handed Tommy wonderful pledges below on the day.

Thank you from all the team at DCV


I pledge to continue to always find out what matters to each person I work with and their families.
Jainie O`Connor – Black Country Partnership


I pledge to listen to your story, your life and what will make a difference to you.
Tina Elliman – Older Adults Home Treatment Team Manager


I pledge when I do my home visits I will ask “what matter to you” rather than “do you have any questions” at the beginning/end of my visit/assessment.  We will change our community assessment forms to include “what matters to you” to prompt all OT staff to ask the question at assessment.


I pledge to ensure that the two questions what matters to you? And who matters to you? becomes our new focus for understanding staff, patients and service users voices.
Lynne Laine – Birmingham Community


I pledge to ask every member of staff in the organisation what matters to you and who matters to you and share the stories.
Lorraine Thomas – Director of Strategy and Transformation


I pledge, reflecting on my practice and seeing how best my input can be delivered.
Lister Mlambo – OT


We as the Quality Improvement Team will pledge to suggest #WMTY17 and your patients need your patience to the trust board will be a quality improvement priority for 2018/19.
Quality Improvement Team


I will ask people the questions “what mater to you” and “who matter to you” at the start of my assessments to help keep the focus on the person throughout.  We will change out assessment form to support them.


I pledge to tell my dads love story that I haven’t been able to do to help others to ask what matters to you. and who matters to you.
Jane Webb – Matron


I pledge to ask what matters.
Bawinder Chacihan – CHCSN


I pledge to look to embed the 5 questions “Must do`s” in order to kelp us help the patient by understanding what matters to them.  To help families and cares and patients know they are not alone.
Maxine O`Brien – Matron for Urgent Care Services, Mental Health


I/we will: Have introduced a positive reporting system for peers to recognise and nominate peers for the work they are doing, as such this allows staff to appreciate each other and the nominate to reflect on and consider why their actions were so well received.
Emma Pickering – Patient Safety Manager