Bristol North NHS Trust Carers Week Event

Type: Pledge

Delegates from Carers Week event in Bristol on 14 June pledge to make a difference after hearing Tommy speak.

Big thanks to Jennifer O’Malley, Patient Experience Lead at Bristol North NHS Trust for inviting Tommy to meet and speak with staff as part of their #carersweek events.

We were grateful to visit sharing our Make a Difference Campaign, and Leading Change, Adding Value A Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff.

Great thanks to Jennifer, all who took time to attend, for the kindness on the day and wonderful personal pledges below.

Team DCV

I will ask, listen and do what matters.


I will ask colleagues “what matters to them. Check in with them. They may be cares and need some compassion/care/any other small thing.


I will take/make time to find out “what matters to you”.
Louise – HCA


I pledge to improve activities what confused people can enjoy and are relevant.


I will promise when approaching, speaking, caring for anyone living with dementia I will remember my mum and dad and how they would like to be treated. They have both lived with dementia.
Jayne Evans – Physio Tech


I will always find out what is important to the patient and their family/cares. Care for them with love and dignity.


I will be more aware of the language I use. Always ensure I take the time to ask people about their story.


I will ensure that all patients are informed regarding every aspect of their treatment plan and always find out and answer their questions so hey can feel in control and valued as an individual.
Angela Walker – Sister, Nurse Manager and Pre-Op Assessment


I will use my time as a student nurse and then when I’m a registered nurse to ask people who and what matters to them and tell others to do the same.


I will take the time to think about how the relatives of patients feel when coming in for assessments as we as my patients and be more considerate of words that we use when describing others.


I will take care of myself, so I can provide the best care I can for my patients.


I will ensure the who ward completes the e-learning module and I will do a talk to them to take back what I have learned today.
Deborah Scott – TNA


I will take time to find out about what matters and ask what is important to them and their families/loved ones.
Laura Anstee – Clinical Nurse Specialist Uro-oncology


I will change how we gather information about what matters most to my patients and my team.
Callum Allen-Ridge – TAP


I will listen to everyone, respect patient as a person and respect their describing person centre care.
Zhinca Petrosa – Physiotherapist.


I will advocate for dementia sufferers to the best of my ability and inspire others to do the same.
I will put more input and empathy into my job.