Care Quality Commission Pledges

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Care Quality Commission, Caring Matters Conference Delegates pledge to Make a Difference

Massive thanks to Katherine Williams, Inspection Manager for Care Quality Commission and colleagues for Inviting Tommy to speak at the Care Quality Commission Caring Matters Conference on 13 December.

Katherine heard Tommy speak at a conference last year and was keen to invite Tommy to meet and speak with colleagues at their conference.

We were honoured to meet everyone, share our Make a Difference Campaign along with Leading Change, Adding Value a Framework for Nursing Midwifery and Care Staff (This link will take you away from our website) and e-learning tool (This link will take you away from our website).

Thank you to all for a brilliant day and for the wonderful pledges below.

Team DCV 🙂


I will make sure that I ask people what matters to them in both my professional and personal life.
Kathy Delham


I will ensure to become proactive in raising awareness for Sepsis and use my own personal experience to support others.
Natalie Brown


I will pledge to raise awareness about Sepsis and care expected at health care organisation to those close to me and others.


I will take the time to talk with and listen to people, family, friends and strangers.


I will continue to challenge poor practice and advocate/promote best and innovative proactive to make care safe and kind and “speak up” and give people voices.
Amanda Hennessy


I will challenge caring and discriminatory attitudes both within colleagues and on inspection.
Anna Mathers


I will ask all providers what they are doing to improve care for people living with dementia.
Merry Pearcey


I will hold nursing and medical staff to account to ensure they are delivery person-centred, individualised care to highest standard.
Phil Swift


I will encourage people both personally and professionally to focus on the person rather than the condition.

I will report openly and honestly, I will give even more focus to the families and carers of patients.
Jen Mills


I will ask my local providers (the ones on my portfolio) if they have heard of “what matters to you?” say. Ill give them info if they haven’t.
Claire Harper


I will always consider the meeting of individual peoples needs, and those of their family and look for evidence of good care which can be shared.


I will ask expectations how staff think about/act “what matters to me” to consider the person unable to ask what processes they have in place to meet needs.
Alison Watman


I will promise to be a better listener to be the best person I can be, to spend more time trying to make a difference.
Rhian Williams


I will share the “you can make a difference” with my collegegues and read and share the framework.
Helen Nicholls


I will ask “what matters to you” to my team to make sure I can support them appropriately. I will also reflect this is our inspections, asking patients if what matters to them is addressed in their care and treatment.
Zoe Robinson


I will start a discussion with my team about what matters to them and will encourage them to have a wider discussion about this when undertaking their work.
Fiona Collier


I will ensure I ask my team what matters to them and listen to their response.   I will not walk past a person living with dementia without acknowledge them.
Fiona Allinson


I will try and stop being so task orientated and make time to invest in other people by helping them do what matters to them.
Siobhan Taylor


I will ensure a whole team awareness and focus continues the “what matters to me” by asking and challenging collegegues – Did we ask patients? I will encourage and support Sepsis awareness and standards.

I will ask my work colleagues “what matters to them”
Joanna Woolier


I will take more time to talk to people and ask about what matters to them.
James Moody


I will ask “how are you” more and smile.
Sally Powell


I will consider the language I use to ensure it doesn’t create negative connotation.


I will challenge services who I inspect on how they ensure they promote “what matters to me” I will speak with more patients and families.
Yvonne Allen


I will be more challenging when staff use the term “challenging behaviour” promote the sense of each person as an individual.


I will prioritise meeting individual needs as part of inspection work and ensure that I work on testing this out.
Aimee Everett