Care Quality Commission Registration Conference Delegates Add Pledges

Type: Pledge
Care Quality Commission Team 19 Oct 2017

Dementia Carer Voices invited to Care Quality Commission Registration Conference. Pledges revived from Registration Inspection Teams.

Massive thanks to Sir David Behan CEO, Andrea Sutcliffe Chief Inspector Adult Social Care and Sophie Wastell, Registration Inspector for Inviting Tommy to speak at the Registration Inspectors Annual Conference on 19 October 2017.

Amy-Jo McEvoy a Regional Inspector heard Tommy speak before asked for Tommy to be invited to the conference.

We are grateful for the kindness on the day, the wonderful work Registration Inspection Teams do and the pledges below.

Thank you all for a brilliant day.

Team DCV


I pledge to keep on promoting the mum test, so we never forget why we do this and who we do it for.
Andrea Sutcliffe – Chief Inspector Adult Social Care


I pledge to always see the person and hear their story.
Ami-Jo McEvoy – CQC


I pledge to make sure I ask the “right” questions in relation to motivation and how people will respond when caring for people with dementia – know their name.
Sophie Warrell – Registration Inspector CQC


I pledge to bring dementia awareness to the community/to relatives/church community.
Andrea James – Registration Inspector


I pledge to ask more questions on staff. Training and understanding.


I pledge to do my best for mum and dad. Mum has dementia.
Chris – CQC


I pledge to ensure deaf BSL user access this.
Paul – Registration Inspector


I pledge to explore what matters and change the language to ensure that services also understand the human. Who is real, dignity, respect and love.


I pledge to always treat others as I would like to be treated if the roles were reversed.
Sophie Tester-Lowden – RGN Registration Inspector CQC


I will always see the person and not the condition. I will ask who and what matters to them.
Peter Nunn – CQC Registration Manager


I pledge to keep the focus of the work I do in the trans/national programme on how we can support “what or who matters to you” not what’s the matter with you.


I pledge to never ever forget the reason why I work in health and social care.
Emily White – CQC


I pledge to ask what matters to the people you care for and driving assessments of the new service. Steve Malyan – Registration Inspector


I pledge to continue to ensure care services provide safe, quality care putting people in the centre at all times.
Zoe Hall – Registration Inspector CQC


I aim to ensure we only register providers that can provide high quality and safe care for people living with dementia.
Joyce Frederick, Deputy Chief Inspector, Registration, Care Quality Commission.