City of Glasgow College Pledge to Make a Difference

Type: Pledge

UK Lead, Tommy, returns to City of Glasgow College to deliver a Make a Difference session.

Tommy shared our campaign and key message from Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland, Fiona McQueen. It was great to return, reflecting on pledges from last year.

Special thanks to our great friend Vanessa Telfer, Curriculum Head for Social Care from City of Glasgow College, the HNC Social Services Students and NC Health and Social Care Students for inviting us and pledging to Make a Difference.

Team DCV


My pledge is to always ask “what matters to you”. Instead of what is the matter with you.
Dylan Duff – City of Glasgow College


I pledge to never walk past something or a situation that I do not agree with. Have the voice to make a change.
Candis Blyth – Homeless Shelter Glasgow


I pledge to succeed and feel like I’ve made a little positive difference in someone’s life.
Ololade Balogun – Prince’s Trust


I pledge to always be myself and be true to my values. Carry out the duty to care and help others.
Morgan Daly – City of Glasgow College


Make everyone feel listened to, involved and accepted.


I will always make individuals feel safe and be honest and trustworthy while caring for them.
Phoebe Namukasa – Relief Support Worker


I pledge to spread the word on how people see people with disabilities and to have more compassion when they meet someone with a disability.
Michelle Primrose – Support Worker for Disabilities and Complex Needs


I pledge to help people have a good day and make their day fulfilled and listen as they reminisce about their past.
Pamela Togher – Student


I pledge to ask my mum with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) what matters to her! As no one asks her or has asked her.
Amy-Louise Dickson – Student


I pledge to make as least I positive change in someone’s life.
Amy Macaulay – Student


I pledge to ask every resident in the care home what matters to them each day I see them.


I pledge to make positive impact on others lives while working.
Lisa McKirdy – Student


I pledge to help people and make a change to people’s life – be beneficial to someone`s life. My Gran has dementia – Help people like her.


My pledge is to stick in at college them go to university to expand my knowledge to become a better carer and eventually a nurse.


I pledge to support the individuals I support to have a good day.


I pledge to always ask what matters to people, if they are in care or not.


I pledge to always be kind and to make people feel worthy make people feel like they matter.


I pledge to take time to listen and to give 100% support to each individual person I care for.
Susanne O`Reilly – Student


I pledge to help people who needs it more than me.
Laura Carruthers – Social Services Student


I pledge to speak to my managers about “what matters to me” boards for residents in the care home.
Leo Ferris – Assistant Carer


I pledge to always treat others how I’d like to be treated in my time of need, with respect and understanding.
Harvey Walker – City of Glasgow


I pledge to read care plans to find out “what a good day looks like” as I know this in each care plan, along with “what a bad day looks like”
Morag Cunningham


I pledge to make sure someone feel heard, cared and safe.
Daniel Paito – City of Glasgow College


I pledge to help anyone who feels they cannot help themselves in any circumstance.


I pledge to make sure I make a different/positive impact in someone’s life and allow them to see themselves in a positive light.
Rachel Johnston


I pledge to care and help clients the way I would expect my family/friends to be cared for.
Tracy Cuthbertson – Health and Social Care NC


I pledge to help, to make a difference.
Lauren Hillhouse – City of Glasgow College


Help make a difference and reassuring people that its ok.
Starr Young – College


I pledge to make someone smile everyday and to help as many people as I can.
Janet Wardle – Student, City of Glasgow College


I have a min to ask the how they feel? Listen to them. Follow their care planning.
Fatima Sultan – Care


I pledge to do the best by the residents I work with and to learn as much about them as they are willing to share in order to make this phase of their life better or just a bit more enjoyable.
Annie Tolland – Social Care Student


I pledge to get involved in more conversations with service users to make them less lonely and isolated.
Lynn Kant


I pledge to ensure to take more interest in the lives of service users before they become ill, care for/treat the individual as a person not just a patient.


I pledge to make people lives as normal and easy as I possibly can.
Caitlin Quinn – Home Carer


I pledge to try and make more of an effort with my gran whom is suffering with severe Alzheimer’s.
Rachel Gardner


I pledge to be the best carer I can be, and small things can make a big difference and ask what matters to you.
Amy-Leigh Elliot


I pledge to do the best I can to help them the best version they can be and make sure the decisions I make are selfless.
Abbie Stewart – City of Glasgow College


I pledge to make sure of the little things in life that means something to them and matters to them, to make the little things the big things. 
Stacey Dougan


My pledge is to always make someone smile ask if they are okay to make a difference.


I pledge to make every individual feel equally cared for and loved.


I pledge to listen well to those around me and truly hear what they are saying.
Michelle Beech


I pledge to treat everyone as an individual and respect their wishes at all times.
Angela Quinn – HNC COGC


I pledge to give more time to my beloved one I care for.


I pledge to make sure every individual is seen for who they truly are with no labels.


I pledge to hold compassion for others to the best of my ability.


I pledge to support people with dementia at all times and to say a prayer for them.


I pledge to support people with dementia to approval is their life style and achieve their goal.


I pledge when I become a nurse someday ill do my very best to all services users.
Sweetie Laurico


I pledge to treat each and every customer as an individual looking at what matters to them. Getting to know the person I am supporting.


I care for and act in the best interest of every service user in my placement.