Community Nurse Innovations Conference, Wrexham, Pledges

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Dementia Carer Voices visit Bangor University, speaking at Community Nurse Innovations Conference.

Big thanks to Jane Wright and colleagues for inviting Tommy to attend and speak at the Community Nurse Innovations Conference Bangor University, Wrexham on 13 December 2017.

The conference was a brilliant morning were the innovative work the community nurses in the east are developing to improve patient care was presented.

We are so proud to be invited to attend and speak at the conference in the morning then with the Bangor Nursing Society Students in the afternoon.

There are many colleagues to thank along with Jane, for a brilliant morning:

Jayne Sankey – Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
Keith Jones – Assistant Director of Nursing Services, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
Dr Lynne Williams  – Deputy Head of Enterprise, Bangor University
Professor Chris Burton – Head of School
Ceri Chamorro and Fern Williams Bangor Nursing Society
Professor Debbie Roberts – Chair for the day

Special thanks to all the Community District Nurses who attended and shared their work and the wonderful pledges below.

Team Dementia Carer Voices 🙂



I will make an extra effort to be the smile and caring face that patients want to see.
Cheryl Edwards – Direct Nurse


I pledge to simply “just ask” what really matters to the person, family and cares. Ensure all involved in care are aware.
Diane Hughes – District Nurse


I pledge to find time to spend getting to know each person and family and what matters to each of them. To explain what I am doing and why I am asking things at all times.


I pledge to continue to smile, listen and make a difference.
Katherine – Community Nurse


I pledge to find out more about the people I am looking after. See the person beyond the condition.
Julie Lamb-Williams – Community Staff Nurse


I pledge to ask all my patients, friends and family what matter to them and to help maintain, fulfil and respect their wishes.
Caroline Yewdall – District Nurse


I pledge to start community services in our new health centre in Flint, to provide support for dementia patients and carers.
Wendy Mousley – DN Team Lead, Flint/Holywell


I pledge to simply ask patient “what matters to you”
Lessa Bell – District Nurse Sister


I pledge to continue to treat people as I would want my loved ones to be treated.
Katie Taylor – Community Nurse, Wrexham Central


I pledge to continue to nurse and treat people as I would want to be treated.
Lissa Pratt – District Nursing Central Wrexham


I pledge to do my best for my patients and their families.
Kim – BCU


I pledge to read and gain a better understanding about dementia and the person`s personality not just that they have dementia.


I pledge to remember “Joan and Tommy” to always care and set the “standard”.
Sarah Lee – District Nurse


My pledge is to always empower my patients to have what they need and deserve and if they don’t not have the ability to communicate to be their advocate and be their vice for their own dignified care. Samantha Woodhall – Student Nurse


I pledge to act as an advocate for those people with dementia. Never forget they once had a life before dementia.
Helen Jones – Community Registered Nurse


I pledge to be a voice for those who have lost theirs.
Vicky Scott – Community Staff Nurse


I pledge to ensure that “the person” remain my focus to see the person at all times regardless of issues that may get in the way.
Sharon Williams – Community Nurse


I pledge to provide care to patients to ensure they do not feel lost lonely to take time to listen and provide what they need, to ensure they feel safe.
Cherry Reid – Registered Community Nurse


I promise to hold each patients hand and ask them what matter to them.


As part pf my nursing degree, my dissertation was on “Implementing this is me” to all patients with a diagnosis of dementia since qualifying I have not fulfilled this. My pledge is to make sure that every patient on my caseload with a diagnosis will receive this documents from today. Then whenever another nurse visits or they go into hospital every nurse will read who they are and what matters to them.
Diane Cartwright – Community Nurse in Holywell


I pledge to be the very best I can be at everything I do, so I can give others the best, so they can be who they want or need to be. Even something as little as a smile to change a person’s day.
Tracey Rush – Community Nurse


I pledge to keep fighting barriers to be a good nurse.
Paula Coupland – Community Nurse


I pledge to acknowledge cares hard work and support them whenever I can/able


I pledge to always smile and be positive when times are low for patients and staff member.


I promise to smile, speak gently and ask what matters to you.
Claire Steadman – Community Nurse


I pledge to listen, and do everything in my power to help each patient achieve what matters to them.
Maxine Howarth – BCHB


I pledge to take more time to listen and get to know peoples experience, learn about their stories and what matters to them.
Karen Gregory – ANP/BCUHB