Compassionate Care Symposium Pledge to Make a Difference

Type: Pledge

Dementia Carer Voices return to Devon on 27 November 2018.

Massive thanks to Tina Naldret and Jane Watson from Hospice Care Devon, Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and Devon Partnership NHS Trust for inviting Tommy to speak at the 1st Compassionate Care Symposium held at the Lecture Theatre.  Bringing staff together from all partners and locations for a day of conversations on Compassionate Care.

We were honoured to be invited to share our Make a Difference Campaign along with Leading Change, Adding Value a Framework for Nursing Midwifery and Care Staff (This link will take you away from our website) and e-learning tool (This link will take you away from our website)

Thanks to all for a brilliant day of kindness and care.

A few delegates shared pledges with Tommy below.


I will use my positive experiences from my various placement areas to improve my future placements/work by promoting ideas that work well.
Georgia Pugh – Student Nurse


I will lead by example and promote positivity in my various placements.
Shaeleen Heynes – Student Nurse


I will ensure that each and every person I work with – client “carer”, family or staff. I find out what matters to them, to ensure they feel heard.
Yasmin Drew – Clinical Psychologist


I will continue to treat people as individuals, to take the time to hear their stories, to validate their feelings/experiences and act with kindness and compassion.
Sam Heathcote – Senior Mental Health Practitioner and Social Worker


I will make sure I ask what matters to people and constantly incorporate this in the care I deliver.
Rhianne Lewis – Trainee Clinical Psychologist


I will start to ask staff and patients what matters to them and discuss this format being used at unit that feeds into own unit.
Rita McGrogan – Recovery


I will ensure I ask every family I meet – what matters to you? What is making you scared/upset/worries today? I also pledge to role model this to my peers and students and my own kids.
Karen Read – Infant Feeding Co-ordinator


I will share “what matters to you” approach with my team and will aim that this is the 1st question out patients and those important to them are ask when they meet out teams at the hospice.
Ann Rhys – Assistant Director of Care


I will argue for more person-centred care.
Ciaran Gayner – Occupational Therapist


I will endeavour to promote.


I will pledge to smile, speak and show usual gesturers to all people I come into contact with during working hours and outside of the work environment.
Jane Watson – Clinical Learning/Development Lead


Please also see some pledges received from the Care Home Transformation Conference in Belfast:


I pledge to always remember kindness come in many forms, but always from the heart.
Linda Sage


I pledge to ask people how I can make a difference to help.


I pledge to never make someone feel I don’t have the time for them no matter how bust I am.
Amy O`Donnell


I pledge to always stay curious and give a positive input to other care prompting equal understanding.
Jodie Shankelton


I will ask all my client’s what matters to them each time I visit.
Cheryl Withers