County Durham and Darlington Palliative Care Symposium

Type: Pledge

Delegates at the Symposium pledge to make a difference after hearing our UK Lead, Tommy share his caring experience.

Thanks to Suzanne Vickers, Heather Parkin, Noel Scanlon (Executive Director Nursing) Dawn Reed and colleagues for kindly inviting Tommy to speak at the County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust Palliative Care Symposium in Durham on 16 May.

We were very proud to be invited to share our Make a Difference Campaign, wider project work and Leading Change, Adding Value A Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for, Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff.

A great Honour to share a platform with Chris Pointon who inspired all sharing the #hellomynameis campaign. (This link will take you away from our website) 

Thank you to all the trust and to all that attended on the day for the great kindness, care and wonderful pledges to make a difference below.

Team DCV


To inspire “the little things” To my work mates and change negative attitudes.
Eileen Atkinson – Staff Nurse


I will encourage others to take the time to find out more about the person not the patient.
Katie Young – Staff Nurse


I will take my time with patients and focus on being present responding to their holistic needs.
Jennifer Hay – Community Staff


I will find out what matters to each and every patient I meet.
Jemma Liesicke – Community Staff Nurse


I will encourage other professionals to communicate with a patients and family regularly, even about difficult situations rather than leaving difficult conversations to the social worker.


I will give more consideration for the care of the patient and how dementia and issues connected to it impacts them and not just the patient.
Gavin McAdam – Physiotherapist


I will ask patients what mattered to them yesterday, what matters to them today and what will matter to them tomorrow.
Kate Huntrod – RGN


I will educate my junior colleagues and peers. Teach my son above love and caring.


I will take what was discussed today back to the team and the part what matters to you when doing assessments with patients.
Diane Brown – Registered Nurse


I will put a system in place to remember patients, before they become patients. Photo of younger self on their notes? Ill ask my staff and team for their ideas.
Gillian Foreman – Manager of Community Palliative Care Teams


I will pass on what I have learnt to the whole team especially “what matters to you” instead of what’s wrong with you.
Dawn Middleditch – Senior Nurse, Rapid Response


I will listen more to patients and families and ask what matters to them and encourage colleagues to do the same.
Jill Hampton – RGN


I will make sure, for the time I spend with my patients, that they feel they are the only thing that matters at that point in time, empowering them to share what matters to them.
Alexandra Williams – Student District Nurse


I will like to train the local nursing home cares to spot signs of end of life for patients with dementia and frailty to prevent acute admission for hospital and patients and families. To die at nursing home rather than hospital.
I will always remember the person not the disease or condition and remember to ask “what matters to you” I will listen even when we are at our busiest.
I will continue to promote this care of dementia patients within the team who can make a difference. Dementia is an illness not a condition which is all too often overlooked.
Helena Wilson


I will ensure I am king to everyone and encourage all of the staff embrace kindness in their role.
Paula Turner – Matron


I will ensure that out care home patients continue to receive the same high standard of care that all of our patients do.
Gina Priestley – District Nurse Team Lead


I will re-awaken a culture of caring asking NOT what’s the matter with you today but what matters to you not just today but every day.
Steven Shires – District Nurse Team Lead


I will see every patient and member of staff as a “person” to help shape my care for them and their families.
Karen Roberts – Ward Manager


I will always ask how “what matters to you” and not assume we know, I like to know what life they have led.
Sue Wake – Macmillan Palliative Support


I will continue to do the best I can, to make a difference, and continue to smile.


I will make sure I continue to make the time to talk.
Sharron Hetherington – Community Staff Nurse


I pledge to make a point every day to ask, “what matters to you today”.


I will continue to smile be happy and treat all my patients with compassion, speak about there past and continue to admire their photographs which show a special life lived.
Michelle Hails – Community Staff Nurse


I will demonstrate and continue to involve patients in case when working with my peers to improve working groups remaining position.


I will communicate effectively to family, colleagues and friends.
Paula Stevenson – DN


I will develop a user/carer focus group.
I will promote leading changes on the ward that I work and gain more knowledge and understanding with dementia.
Joanne Radford – Healthcare Assistant


I will ask more questions to my patients and find out what they want and what would make a difference to them.
Julie Dunne – RN


I will champion respect and dignity in practice.
Carol Brown – Community Staff Nurse


I will be leading by example and by being treat as/to how I would like to be treat.


I will ensure I lead by example always be a friendly face and give time to talk and listen.


I will ask patients “what matters to them” in my assessments or review of their care.


I will continue to involve my patients in their plan of care and listen to any concerns and treat the individual as a person.


I will provide care according to Saint Bernadette`s instruction to care for the sick as though each one was god himself.


I will utilise the video “the last 1000 days” in future teaching sessions as I thought it was inspirational and very thought provoking.


I will try to be more empathic. Be kind and ask “what matters to you”
Claire – Staff Nurse