District Nurses Keele University and visit to Combined NHS Trust

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Dementia Carer Voices are invited back to Keele University by Lecturer Julie Green. Read the pledges below.

Big thanks to Julie Green, Lecturer in Nursing at Keele University for Inviting Tommy to speak with Specialist District Nurses at Keele University.

Tommy was proud to speak for Julie last year at over 4 talks a partnership with the University and North Staffordshire Combined NHS Trust arranged by Julie and Colin Burgess.

On arrival Colin took Tommy to the trust to meet with great friends Maria Nelligan, Director of Nursing , Julie Anne Murray and the wonderful staff at the Trust to chat about the inspirational work they are doing with pledges and pledge trees launched earlier this year at the Trusts Annual Conference.

Tommy and Colin then went on a brief visit to Norths Staffordshire Combined Healthcare (NHS) Trust.  The areas they visited were Older Person Outreach Team.  Wards 5,6 & 7 who are based at The Harplands Hospital in Stoke-on-Trent  they all form part of the NOAP  (Neuropsychiatry and Older Age Persons) services.   The teams have been inspired to develop the pledge trees that were launched at the nursing conference in May.

We were accompanied by Julie-Anne Murray,  (Head of Nursing and Quality) And Maria Nelligan  (Director of Nursing & Quality) with Tommy sharing our make a difference campaign and the framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing Midwifery and Care staff and Colin shared the wonderful work the trust has been doing  turning pledges into actions.

Thank you to everyone for a truly wonderful day of people, passion, care and pledges.

You can read the Inspirational pledges from the Specialist District Nurses made on the day below.


My pledge is to always show care and compassion to people as I would if caring for one of my family members – person centred care.
Alison Cartudge – SSOTP


I pledge to make a difference to everyone that I meet, encourage and support people to feel good about themselves. And to make time for everyone.
Tracy Chatfield – Senior Staff Nurse


I pledge to continue to provide exceptional person-based care, incorporating the most significant needs of the patient.
Steven Sharp – Specialist Practice Student – RGN


I pledge to continue to make every visit count and make a difference to someone every day.
Julie Checkley – Community Nurse


My pledge is to always listen to what matters.
Sarah Gozzard – SSOTP


I pledge to always speak up for those that cannot speak.
Carolyn Fleurat – Specialist Practice Student – SSOTP


I pledge to always remember that there exists a “person” with a history, family, feelings, not just a patient on a list of many other patients.
Kate Simkin – District Nurse – SSOTP


I pledge to find out whom and what matters to every distressed and fearful patient whose care I am involved in.
Joseph Chiri – Student


I pledge to continue to care for my patients and to make each and every one of them feel as though they are the only patient I have.
Sarah McDonald – Community Staff Nurse


My pledge is to remember that each patient is a person – to ask one thing about them we do not know and to build a relationship.
Clare Lockley – Specialist Practice Nurse


I pledge to make time every day to listen properly – to take in what they have said and help in any way that I can.
Lyndsay Birks – SPQ Student


I pledge to listen, take time, appreciate people and their lives. I pledge to make a difference.
Angela Clay – Specialist Practice Student – District Nursing