Dudley Group NHS Trust Leading Change Adding Pledges

Type: Pledge

Dementia Carer Voices revisits Dudley NHS Trust on 6 December

Big thanks to Mandy Aworinde, Lead Nurse – Mental Health for inviting Tommy back to speak at Dudley Group NHS Trust.

Tommy had the great honour to speak at the trust for Mandy a few months back, pledges and story from that day available to read on our website.

We were so honoured to return and share our Make a Difference Campaign along with Leading Change Adding Value Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing Midwifery and Care Staff.  Inspired by Mandy who pledged to and collected 100 Leading Change pledges from colleagues over the last week for our visit.

Thank you Mandy and all at Dudley Group for another brilliant day, the wonderful pledge tree and first Leading Change and Adding Value.

A few colleagues handed Tommy pledges on the day and the team have since sent some.  Take a read below.


I pledge to listen and be a voice when a person can’t. Take the time, see the person always.
Hayley – Mental Health Nurse


I will not judge and always be kind.
Rebecca – Learning Disability Nurse


I will treat everybody I meet with the dignity and respect they deserve. I will look at these people like they are my family and show them love and care always.


I will always ask what matters to you and listen to people’s story, spend time getting to know that person.
Jacqui Howells – Learning Disability Nurse


I will continue to care for our patients with dementia and their cares with compassion and feelings never change the way I care.
Gaynor Hill – Sister, Mental Health


I will treat all patients as a unique person and loved one and not as on appointment Treat as you would want your loved one to be treated.
Samantha Reid – Senior Audiologist (Dementia)


“Sue please can you go in with my mum Norah to see the eye doctor – You were so good to see her, and she really has deteriorated. My pledge is to support every Norah I can.
Sue Thomas – Eye Clinic Liaison Officer


I’m going to pledge to give the best care possible to people living with dementia


Continue supporting my neighbour by talking to him whenever I see him


To listen to me


If I had dementia I would like to be spoken to


To take as much information as possible from family members whenever I get patients who cannot communicate their needs so that they can get quality care from me and other members of the team


To become a dementia champion and encourage hospital volunteers to become dementia friends


To be more supportive with patients living with dementia and towards their families


To say hello to people and understand the condition


Try and keep continuity of staff where possible so patients don’t get even more upset, frustrated and confused


I’m going to pledge to become a dementia friend


Always to be patient, listen to them and be understanding


Take time to listen to their story


To become a dementia friend and develop a clear understanding of dementia and become more patient


I will always endeavour to be the voice of a patient with dementia when they are unable to


Listen and engage with family concerns


Always do the right thing for the patient and their family. I will share my learning and knowledge


Listen, care and have patience


To treat patients with dementia with respect


I would like a cure for my husband


I would like people to understand and be patient with me


To be a voice when my husband is unable to say


Need more research and funding regarding diagnosis, treatment and care of people with dementia


Use a twiddlemuff to ease your days and relief anxiety


On a daily basis I give a smile and give the person empathy and care


I look to make life comfortable


I would like to be spoken to and not over me


I pledge to make time and be patient with him


To show compassion and empathy


To talk to patients with dementia


To listen, to make others understand


To keep trying to improve awareness


I pledge to make twiddlemuffs


I pledge to be patient and understanding


Developing peer work for dementia


Make everyone more aware of dementia


To be more caring


Be patient with them on the phone and give as much time as possible


Get patients seen sooner and continue to provide individualised holistic care


Treat them as a person and not ignore them


I hold her hand


Get them seen sooner and give them 1:1 care


To be patient with all who need it


To take time to engage more


I give my mom me


Work on C3 with forget me not unit help with support of staff and listen to patients


I pledge to recognise that a person with dementia is first a person and not defined by their condition. Therefore deserves person centred care


I encountered to look after people with dementia and what I did when they got irritable was just talk to them about their lives before and they started to calm down


I pledge to take time to listen more


I pledge to be more aware of individuals about who might need help by asking. Will read up about it


Making sure to communicate to all staff the importance of recognising we all responsible in giving information regarding end of life


To be more patient and understanding


Helping my sister with her husband


Remember the person not their illness


Support everyone involved in their care


Help in supporting the carers caring for the patient too, if only for a 5 minute break


I pledge to always try to give time to any patients with dementia wherever I can


Treat the same as every other human being


Dementia does not mean a person does not have the same wants/needs as any other person


Relate to each as an individual


I pledge to be by my mums side whenever she needs me


I will help my mum to write an advanced care plan whilst she still can so that the whole family know what her wishes are


I pledge to be kind to people, thankful for this day and respectable to others


I will ensure I speak to people in a respectful caring way


I pledge to help others who suffer


I pledge to be patient, kind and understanding and to listen always


Every week I will lead singing on Holyrood Ward


I will continue to try to see and feel the world through the eyes of those with dementia


Treat all people on their merits, never prejudge or expect people to behave in certain ways


I pledge to always be kind, patient and to never judge people


I pledge to use the dementia training ideas both at work and in everyday life


To be kind, caring and respectful at all times


To always find the time


I pledge to always treat each person as an individual and find out how to support their needs and wishes


My pledge would be to be as positive, kind and patient as possible


To support carers and provide high quality care


Being patient and kind and talking about what they want to talk about


Show patience, kindness and compassion with those with dementia


I will always treat all patients as individuals and listen


I pledge to use the take the time tool


Treat people with respect and time


Pledging to give them good and respectful end of life care


I pledge to always be caring and patient and to always reach out on a personal level


I pledge to understand my patients, to always treat them with respect and kindness and do my best to make them happy


I pledge to be kind, patient and understanding, always


To treat with patience and kindness at all times, remembering what they must be facing everyday


I pledge to support patients with dementia and those important to them at end of life


I pledge to always be kind


I pledge to ensure that they are happy and comfortable


I pledge to try my hardest to make them smile


I pledge to stay calm, positive and happy


I will look after Karen and make sure that she listens to the music that makes her happy


Be a voice, be an advocate


I pledge to improve end of life care planning


I will introduce myself and take time to speak in terms they understand


I pledge to have patience and respect


Just go along with what she says, don’t try to correct her as that makes her upset


Treat them like a person not a disease


If a smile is what my patient remembers then I will smile every day for them


I pledge to do my best every day to make a positive difference to each and every patient


To treat me with respect and to remember my wishes as discussed before I was ill


I pledge to raise as much money as possible to support dementia care in the Trust


I pledge to make the patients with dementia in my care have a positive patient experience


I pledge to act as a positive role model


I pledge that I will always treat you with the respect and dignity you deserve