Edge Hill University Nursing add new pledges for 2018

Type: Pledge

Tommy returns to Edge Hill and receives another great welcome and fantastic pledges.

Big thanks to Janet Holden for kindly inviting Tommy back to Edge Hill University to speak with PUP 1185 Module Nursing Students.

We have had the great honour of visiting Edge Hill on two previous occasions and received over 600 personal pledges.

As this was Dementia Action Week in England this was perfect timing to meet more students and share our Make a Difference Campaign, and Leading Change, Adding Value, A Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing Midwifery and Care staff  along with a personal message from Jane Cummings CNO for England, who is a honorary Professor at the University.

Thank you to all for a brilliant afternoon, the great kindness and most wonderful pledges below.

We look forward to returning again one day soon.

Team DCV 🙂


I will make sure I have time for every patient and make sure I am as friendly as they want me to be.Stop Rebecca Yorke  – Children’s Nursing



I will be positive and practice care to the best of my abilities. I will also try and make my patients feel important and personal
Lauren – Student Nurse



I will make what matters to my patients what matters to me! I want to be the nurse that makes a difference. If I become half the nurse Tommy was carer for his mum Joan I’m doing an amazing job!



I will ensure I take time to learn new strategies. To ensure each child is given the chance to address how they feel. To give the best care I can give.


I will treat patients and their families with respect and dignity. I will ask what matters to them and what I can do to help them. I will walk into work with a smile and learn new things each day.
Sophie Grange – Student Children’s Nurse



I will ask each and every person who and what matters to them. And I will ensure that they know that they are not alone.


I will give as much of my time to my patients as possible. I will take time to learn about their past, present and future, valuing each patient as an individual.



I will make sure I take the time to listen and make someone smile each and every day.



I will always have a positive attitude and ensure the patient is content and comfortable. I will always ask what matters most.


I will love, care, and aim to make each individual smile every day.
Megan Charlesworth – Student Nurse 



I will be committed to my job. I would bring a smile with a difference to patients.
Thembi Phiri – Student Nurse



I will gain a position of leadership and help take away the stigma of negative nurses. And be the nurse that families remember for giving quality care.
Ashleigh Daly – Adult Nursing BSC Student Nurse



I will always treat every patient as an individual, unique in their own right! Not letting the illness/condition define the person or letting it be the most important thing – the patient is the most important thing – ALWAYS!
Shauna Millington – Student Nurse, Adult field



I will learn about ‘what matters most’, be a strong advocate for my patients.
Megan Campbell – Student Mental Health Nurse



I will always take the time to listen to my patient and do my upmost to meet all their wishes.



I will make sure that every patient/service user I see or encounter with will laugh/smile and feel important to still be here.


I will always take the time to talk and engage with patients. If I succeed at making one person smile, this will make my day.


I will treat patients and their stories, maintain their beauty and humanity.
Helen Sharples – Student Mental Health Nurse


I will ask my clients what matters to them and who matters to them. Identify my patients by their names and not the conditions.
Onome Oyedokuy – Student Nurse



I will ensure to treat each person as an individual, knowing lots about the patients I am caring for and aim to get smiles from everyone every day.
Ben Hughes – Student Children’s Nurse



I will ask vulnerable adults who I’m caring for what and who matters to them. Make sure they become stronger and happier than ever.
Silvia Marchettie – Student Nurse (Adult)



I will act with love, listen to the patients, change what is the matter, so what matters to you? Use patient centred approach.
Hodan Omar – Student Nurse



I will always find out more about a patient than just their illness and ensure nobody feels lost in their own care.
Laura Swaby – Student Nurse



I will help take the world off their shoulders and make the weight a bit lighter. Help take away the shadows from their life, and make the dark a bit brighter.


I will be kind to each patient and find out what matters to them.
Simone Marlowe – Student Nurse



I will strive to bring a positive and happy personality with me to work every day so I can make someone smile or laugh every day under my care. So they can feel at ease and safe/cared for.
Jane Rogers-Doughty – Adult Student Nurse



I will remember my times in hospital when I was defined as my illness and ensure I never do that to one of my patients and treat them as the people they are.
Hannah O’Shea – Student Nurse


I will find out what matters to people, don’t see them as an illness, see them as a person. Be the best nurse I can be.
Beth Jackson-Wenworthy – Student Nurse



I will take the time to understand the patient and their wants and needs and help to encourage positive practice.



I will aim to keep everyone I meet happy and treat everyone how I would want to be treated.



I will make a difference in caring for others in both communities and healthcare settings with empathy, dignity, respect and compassion.
Faith Nassali – Student Nurse



I will enjoy every opportunity I will get to learn to support and meet people on point of their needs. I will do what is right.



I will encourage and promote good care to those in my care during my career, and the focus will be on my patient/career and family member.
Joseph Bio – Student Nurse



I will ensure I value people’s dignity at all times, taking the time to talk and listen and ask #WMTY.
Karen – Student Nurse



I will take my time to listen compassionately while synthesising the essence of empathy.



“Hello my name is” brings people together and involves all. Ensure you find out what matters to people and what they want to happen.



I will say hello, my name is. Care with love and passion. Always ask what matters to them.



I will ask every patient what matters to them and try my best to help them with whatever they need.



I will make sure to see every patient as a person first. Introduce myself and talk to them.



I will always introduce myself and include the patient in their own care by getting to know who they are and what helps them.
Emma Davies – Adult Student Nurse



I will always try to influence people’s lives to make a positive difference for them and their loved ones.
Adam Knowles – Student Nurse – Adult



I will always show respect and dignity to patients, patient’s family members and carers. I will make patients the centre of my care always.
Claire Sosa Robinson – Student Nurse



I will always put patients first in any situation. I will always be positive and have a smile.
Sophie Goggin-Watson – Student Nurse




I will make a difference in my profession to each and every individual. I will care for by maintaining what matters to you.
Melissa Bauyer – Student Mental Health Nurse



Each time I enter a patient’s room, bring light, positivity and a small bit of hope to their day and make them feel less scared and worried each time professional comes to visit them.
Rozalyn Jennings – Adult Student Nurse



I will put all the good aspects of my learning to lead change. I will try to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable people.
Abayomi Maiyegun – Mental Health Nurse



I will bring positive energy to my work and treat every patient individually for who they are.
Hannah Neeley – Student Nurse



I will be the best nurse I can be. I will always put the patient first and make sure that they feel valued and out a smile on their face.
Jade Gregory – Adult Student Nurse



I will care with love. I will treat each individual as the unique person they are. I will ask what matters to them? I will not let anyone feel alone.
Jessica Boughey – Student Nurse, Adult



I will mare sure that my patients always know that they have a friend in me, listen to their concerns, worries and stories to provide reassurance and positivity during the vulnerable stages in their lives. I want to encourage my patients to smile in hard times.
Shanice Boyce – Student Children`s Nurse



I will see a patient as a person, put them at the centre and not their diagnosis I will ask patients/ parents what matters to them?



I will always stand up and speak out when I witness bad practice. Be a role model for others and promote good practice.
Gemma Ellis – Student Nurse, Adult



I will make a difference by helping people to do things that they love, without any obstacles. I am going to lead change by use of evidence-based practice in achieving better outcomes.



I will always listen to my patients to what they want and how they want to be looked after. And listen to any issues they are struggling with.
Megan Franey – Student Nurse



I will always ask patients and their families what matters to them and make sure they are listened to and are happy in their environment.
Alyssa Cruz – Student Nurse


I will get to know my patients individually and find out what is important in their life.
I will consider what the individual wants/needs/likes and dislikes and work with them to feel safe, comfortable and happy.
Rebekka Brownsey – Student Nurse



I will make sure nobody is treated in a way I wouldn’t want my loved ones to be treated. I will listen to what matters to them as an individual and do my best to help put something in place to make a difference.
Lauren Slack – Student Nurse



I will always treat the patient as an individual and as a human, not an illness.
Gareth Roberts – Student Nurse



I will see everyone as a person with a story to tell with real feelings other than an illness.
Jessica Warburton – Children’s Nursing



I will ask about a patient’s life story and the people who have make their life positive. I will also be the nurse that patients in my care can have fun and smile with so their time with me is remembered as positive.