Enhanced Care Collaborative 90 Day – Celebration Event

Type: Pledge

UK Lead, Tommy attended the Enhanced Care Collaborative 90 Day – Celebration Event on 10 July were delegates pledged to make a difference.

We would like to thank Zoë Packman, Head of Professional Development, Victoria Hine, Senior Programme Manager and Colleagues at NHS Improvement for inviting Tommy to speak at the  Celebration Event in Manchester.

This was a brilliant day with teams from 26 acute trust sharing amazing outcomes of work over the last 90 days, within each trust as part of work supported by NHS Improvement.  Tommy shared our Make a Difference Campaign and Leading Change Adding Value, a Framework for Nursing , Midwifery and Care Staff (This link will take you away from our website) 

The day was truly inspiring hearing about the initiatives, skill, knowledge, commitment and care from so many teams.

Thank you for a brilliant day.

A few delegates handed Tommy pledges, which you can read below.

Team DCV 🙂


I will try to ensure the person remains at the heart of care by role modelling nothing about me without me with patients, carers and staff.
Evelyn Prodger – General Manager


I will share my knowledge and information I collected today with my colleagues as a transformation programme manager.
Vigi Aocen – Transformation Programme Manager


I will continue to treat people how I wish to be treated. With respect, care and love and will always put my patients first.


I will take time to ask patients and relatives “what matters to them”. Promote daily updates of what matters to me boards and ask staff to display their pledges.
Gemma Lumsdan – Ward Manager


I will promise that will change views on caring for patients with dementia in my trust with help off Tommy.
Angela McGarry – Senior Sister


I will challenge those who are not respecting those who need care.
Jackie Bailey


I will take away the action to as “what matters to you to patients” and role out to staff on my ward.
Annette – Senor Staff Nurse


I will support the team and endeavour that all staff are trained and that change in practice is fulfilled.
Tracy Phebay – Ward Manager


I will work to ensure that staff understand and anticipate the needs of a vulnerable patient, allowing jeans, promoting “look closer, see me” by enabling role model ship, culture change, education to ensure it becomes the “standard”.
Helen Neary – Associate Director of Nurse and AHP


I will spend time to find out more about who my patients are, outside of illness.
Shay Shani – Senior Staff Nurse


I will pledge that ward 28 RSH will ensue we engage with patients and their relatives in order to acknowledge their wishes in what matters to them in order to deliver care, so we make a difference.
Sharon Main – Ward Manager Ward 28


I will ensure we see the person not just the dementia/person centred care.
Karen – Dementia Clinical Specialist


I will stop referring to out patients as challenging.
Margaret Poole – Ward Sister


I will live all aspects of my life, home and at work by my new mantra, “the standard we walk past is the standard we accept and promote”.
Rebecca Furzer – Ward Sister


I will deliver a presentation to staff on the ward with details and encouragement to progress forward with enhanced car. Bring out the passion for care in all the staff by using Thomas Whitelaw clips and quotes.
Becky Morphew – Ward Sister