Focus Independent Adult Social Work Conference Delegate Pledges

Type: Pledge

Tommy invited to speak to Social Work staff in Grimsby on 22 March.

Thank you to Kirsty Sharlotte and colleagues from Focus Independent Adult Social Work Grimsby @focus_swp for inviting Tommy to speak at their Dementia Conference in Cleethorpes.

The conference was a brilliant day of sharing, listening, learning and caring.  We were proud to take part sharing our Make a Difference Campaign, wider project work and Leading Change, Adding Value, A Framework for Nursing, Midwifery and Care staff.

Thank you for a great day and to conference delegates for pledging.  Read them below.

Team DCV


I will never use a condition to describe a person. I will never underestimate the power of a smile.
Jay Sadler – Operations Manager


I will work with a college to set up a “pledge tree” sell pledges and use no funds as a donation to a dementia cause.
Kim Butters – Operations Manager


I will always listen to the voices of the patient/service user and their relatives.


I will be more thoughtful regarding the “words” used to describe individuals and the language I use when interacting with others and especially those individuals with dementia.
Sharon Watkinson – Carer and Nurse


I will gain more knowledge about my clients past/early life to get a better background to allow us to move forward.
Lizzie Sparkles – Older Peoples Floating Support Worker


I will ask my dad how he is feeling and ensure his dignity and voice is the most important thing I act upon.
Elaine Perkins


I will encourage and promote and remind staff to have a wholistic approach to individual care.
Karen Fowler


I will make all new visitors to Oak House welcome and if they are looking for care for a relative, give them as much help and advice and care even if Oak House is not their choice.
Debbie Dalby – Care Manager/Director


I will remember that people and relationships are at the heart of care and each person’s story defines what matters to them.


I will smile and listen I will see you as a person not as a case. I will help you retain what makes you who you are.
Mae Ashmore – Social Worker


I will pledge to always put the client at the heart of any care and always ask what is important to them.  Michelle Tomlinson – Student Social Worker


I will pledge to do my best to be kind and caring.
Angela Kirman – Care Home Manager


I will remember your voice and emotional journey and make somebody smile and feel special everyday. . Maria Stead – Team Leader


I will be person-centred and a carer.
Sue Hobbins – Tutor