Frailty Conference Delegates Pledge to Make a Difference

Type: Pledge

UK Lead delivers session at Dublin Castle on 6 December.

Big thanks to Deirdre Lang, National Lead for Older Persons Services and colleagues for inviting Tommy to speak at the Framing Frailty: A Step Towards Positive Ageing Conference, in Dublin Castle.

Deirdre is a great friend to Tommy and our project and we were honoured to be invited to take part.  A massive thanks to all for a brilliant day full of great passion and commitment to make a difference.

Delegates shared wonderful Pledges and you can read below.  We look forward to returning to Ireland in early 2019.

Thanks from all at DCV 🙂


I pledge to give more time to listen and find out more about the person, rather than focus on seeing as many patients as possible.


I pledge to take time to listen to the patient’s story and to acknowledge what matters to them. To involve the patient in all aspects of their care.
Laura Kenny


My pledge is to remember each and every day to ask the person and their families “what matters to you”.


I pledge to take a moment to forget about “patient flow”, “number of discharges”, “test results”. Ask what matters to you and remember is not just a system, it’s a system which effects people’s lives.
Elaine Whyte


I pledge is not dementia related, however, if its allowed. Thank you Tommy I had forgotten that when I had my son 22 years ago what I pledged to love him until o doe I had forgotten until today. I will tell him and hope it will help his struggle – My son James xx
Lorraine Gray


I pledge to listen to their needs and ask what is it they want not just physically need.


I pledge to treat everyone I meet as if they are my husband, child, parent, sibling and friend.


I pledge to understand the difficulties and concerns of carers and how challenging their role is. To see the person behind the dementia. To take extra time to understand the whole person, clinical state, and what level of intervention they want.
Rosanna Keane


Ask more about their lives prior to getting diagnosis of dementia.


I pledge that each person is an individual, I wont just look at their diagnosis but their life and the important things to them.


I pledge to treat people with dementia as a functioning human being.


I pledge to make this journey less stressful.


I pledge to advocate for the right care in the right place and always asking what and who matters to you. Home is where people want to be.
Iris Alcorn


I pledge to see the person behind dementia and care with love to find out what matters to them.


I pledge to listen carefully to their story. Demonstrate kindness on every interaction always call the person by their name.
Shelia Cohalane


I pledge to listen and carers their loved ones and hear their story.
To try and make them aware of any support services available to act as an advocate for home-based carers as they gave a very vulnerable group.
Orla Leonard


I am going to keep trying to get proper government funding for Saint Joseph’s Shelter. Where we try every day to make sure people know/they matter.
Siobhan Grant


I pledge to help optimise a person with dementias communication at all stages of their life. Finding ways to encourage positive interactions even when no verbal communication.
Emma Finch


I pledge to listen to them. Act on their wishes. Ensure through media, person centred care is advertised.


I can make a difference with all my interventions/education in helping others to know they can make a difference. Ensure we all know what matters to each and every person.


My pledge is to provide care in a more person centred manner. I pledge to really focus on the person with dementia, no decision to be make without their inclusion.


I pledge to ask what matters to you and what can I do to help you.
Eahonn Cooney


I pledge to stop and listen. Acknowledge their reality. Understand the person with dementias life story. Provide education, information and support. Acknowledge the high contribution of carers.


I pledge to continue to ask what matters to you. Listen and react.
Annemarie Benson


I haven’t worked in dementia care for years but our services is centre reform where we are looking at frailty older adults. My pledge is to educate myself on dementia so I understand the condition more.


I pledge to be passionate and committed to enable to enhance the life of a person with dementia to lead meaningful life.


I pledge to look at the person not the illness.


I pledge to timely assessment and treatment. Prioritisation of patients. Rx/management. Follow up.

I pledge to always ask what they want. Remain true to their desires, as far as permits.


I pledge to listen and ask what really matters.


I pledge to be mindful of the loneliness of the carer of a person with dementia.


I pledge to always be kind and to see the person first.


I pledge to listen more.


I pledge to always care.


I pledge to a reviewing services for older persons and we will not include a question “what matters to you” in this questionnaire to review experiences.


I pledge to improve respite services to reduce carer stays and this maintain people at home. Which is where they want to be.


I pledge to continue to develop services for those affected with dementia. To drive individualised approach from all staff for residents and their families. To be resilient in developing empathy and compassion at a time which is hugely traumatic for residents and their loved ones.


My pledge is to get a better understanding of what its like living with dementia. Try not to look at credentials but loo at person.


I pledge to reflect on my day to day practice and be more mindful of my inclusion of clients in decision making of their care and future.


I pledge to listen – find out what they want.


I pledge to continue to promote staff training. To introduce what matters to me within my directorate. To continue frailty education training.


I will mindfully assign specific allocated time to discuss what matters to me with people on my caseload who have a dementia diagnosis.


I pledge to mind the NCPOP when I can.


I pledge to endeavour to keep them valued and happy. To have fun.


I pledge to continue to ask what matters to them (people with dementia/carers). Make sure no decisions are made without consulting the person with dementia and their carers.


I pledge to ask those vital questions at the very beginning of my interaction “what matters to you”, “what is important to you” – no assumptions “strengths based, clients centred approach”.
Siobhan Smyth


I pledge meaningful activities for the person.


I pledge to listen to residents’ frustrations with full concentration – allowing time to hear their story.
Fiona Munro


I pledge to remember the person behind the condition.


I pledge to share Tommy Whitelaw`s YouTube clip to show what community care can mean to patients and cares and families.


I pledge to continue to inform people about dementia and providing individualised patient centred care and fighting for proper ideally home care packages to support the person with dementia and all their carers.


I will be positive and treat you like a person not a condition. I will be interested in who you are and like you to achieve what matters to you. I will go the extra mile for you. I will improve the service that serves you. I will enjoy my work because I’m lucky to have this role in my life..
James Deasy


I pledge that clients know where to access services early in their diagnosis, so they are supported on their journey.


I pledge to ask the person with dementia when they last had a good day and what a good day looks like. Focus on what matters to the person.


I pledge to take the time to listen and understand and to acknowledge the work that carer does so well.


I pledge to always try to remember and resect the whole life of the person with dementia.


My pledge is to put the needs of the person with dementia first and out them at the centre of all decisions made.
Ann-Marie Cronin


I pledge to take time to listen.
Mary McCormack


I pledge to contribute to the research efforts in this field with optimum and enthusiasm.

I pledge as a nurse manager, not only I will continue to change my practice on how to care for people with dementia or and frail. I will endeavour to change my colleagues/work mate – leading by example and embracing change. “One person at a time” – to have fun at work.
Edwin Maralit


I pledge to advocate for their right to remain at home if this is the persons wish. Ask them “what matters to you” on admission and through their hospital stay. Ensure environment of care is appropriate for persons with dementia. Promote person centred care.
Anita Ryan


I pledge to continue to respect each and every person as an individual with kindness and compassion and to encourage my team to do the same.
Aileen Hargon


I pledge to ask every patient what matters to them. Find out one unique part about my patient.


My pledge to ask about what really matters to them. At times I can get too focused on medically assessing a person and forget to ask what matters to them.
Emma Grant


I will continue to focus on the needs of individuals and our person centred services, focusing on ability rather than disability. I will acknowledge needs of family carers and be guided by “what matters to me” philosophy…. on person rather than disease.
Mary Foley


I pledge to ask what matters to you and what can I do to help.


I pledge to find out what matters most to patient, carer/family. Encourage social participation.
Michelle Savage


I pledge to continue to promote the WMTY movement in Ennis Hospital and across ULHG. Finish my MSc in implementing WMTY a Q.I Initiative in a model 2 hospital.
Carol Cotter


I will ask my patients and their carers what matters to them.


I pledge to learn about the people they are – what matters to them and offer education, sufficient and advice to them and to their cares in order to achieve it.


I pledge to ask what and who matters.


I pledge to ask patients and their cares what matters to them and to find out what makes their day good. I will work towards creating a ward where patients are treated as people lives to live and keep them get back to those lives as quickly as possible.


I pledge to ask each person I see what matters to them and create a tree. Continue to facilitate dementia café and set up 2 more in local villages in the next 4 months.
Catherine Murphy


I pledge to listen to them and their carers – Be there (visible) for them. Ask what matters to them? Let everyone know person centred care – treat individuals never give up no matter how hard it gets.
Marie Doyle


I pledge to support, honour, love and appreciate them.


My pledge is to listen to them more.


I pledge to always remember the person, their life story. Get to know what matters to that person. Support the person and carer. Encourage continuing education.


I pledge to try to make a difference. Ask, listen and act for both the older person but also their carers.
Siobhan McHugh


I pledge to deal with the person. Remember what matters to me.


I pledge to treat everyone as an individual. To do my best to respect clients wishes. Hear their story. Request them to bring in photos of when they were “well” or young.
Niall Geoghegan


I pledge through education, research evidence and leaning, make their lives and care better with improved outcome, improved quality of life.


My pledge is to listen to people with dementia and their cares and to give them the time and space required to communicate.
Joan Barron


I pledge to listen to what is important to my patients each day with regards to their care and their life.


I will always see the person not the diagnosis.


I pledge to ask people about their lies, dislikes, family and former occupations.  This is what I would like people to know about me if I was in that position.


I pledge to discuss what is important to them. Link in with family/carers to find out what is important to the person with dementia if they are unable to express it themselves.
Ciara Walsh


I pledge to be more understanding of their experience.


I pledge to always ask what matters and never walk past.


I pledge to listen. Ask them “what matters to you” – not just focusing on my goals for that patient.


I pledge to work to facilitate an environment that foster the culture/that is required. To tirelessly communicate and advocate for a better wat of working together.
Fiona Keogan


I pledge to do what I can as a speech and language therapist to help people to have their voices (of communication) heard Tommy mentioned his focus on keeping Mum involved in every conversation today. That is so important.
Anne Claffey


I pledge to listen to them. Hear what to have to say. Offer services available. Tell them about services available.