Joan`s Room Launch

Type: Pledge

New dementia friendly lounge has been named after our UK Lead, Tommy Whitelaw’s mum Joan at Wexham Park Hospital’s

As you will know this week saw the opening of Joan`s room at Wexham Park Hospital.

We published a news item all about the day and you can read it live on our website. 

Below is some fab pledges given to Tommy on the day and we wanted to share them with you all.


I will ensure my staff ensure each patient is treated as an individual and will understand their story.
Amy Pulleyn – Matron


I will actively listen to my patients and continue to help find a quiet area for reflection for the patients on all wards.
Peter Clark – Associate Practitioner for Dementia


I will use the sentence “what matters to you” I will take this back to the ward and teach other. Would like boards above all beds with “what matters to you”
Sue Winchester – SIN


I will act as an example to my team. Encourage my staff to thin before any patient contact.
Debra Scully – Senior Sister


I will obtain WMTY boards for every bed space for patients to be able to express “what matters to them” Jackie Howes – Senior Sister


I will talk to patients to find out what matters to them and the same with the staff to ensure all needs are met where ever possible.
Fiona Morton – Practice Development Sister