Lancashire Teaching Hospital Pledge to Make a Difference

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Lancashire Teaching Hospital had Tommy return to share the Make a Difference Campaign and the NHS England Framework.

22 August 2017 saw Tommy return to Lancashire Teaching Hospitals in Preston, this time with Stacey McCann – Head of Nursing Strategy and Commissioning @McCannStacey (This link will take you away from our website) and Katie Taylor – Project Manager for NHS England @katietaylor38_ (This link will take you away from our website) working together to support turn pledges into actions and connect with the Leading Change Adding Value Framework (This link will take you away from our website) for Nursing Midwifery and Care Staff #lead2ad

Read our new Dementia Carer Voices publication on the analysis of 6,000 pledges.

The day was truly inspiring with filming, meeting patients, staff, volunteers and visiting wards.  Keep a look out soon for the short films on the NHS England website.

It was lovely to hear about the fantastic work being done and great to meet with the Royal Voluntary Services volunteers at lunch time, as well as Anne the lady who made the dementia blankets and Alison who devised the forget-me knot punch hole in the arm bands for people living with dementia.

There are so many people thank for the warmest of welcomes and kindness, to name a few Gail Naylor, Sarah Cullen, Wendy Loughlin, Denise Morris, Mandy Cooper, Stephanie Laconiani and all we had the privilege to meet. We look forward to following the great initiatives we learnt on the day and turning pledges and good intentions into purposeful actions.

Thank you from all the team and for more wonderful pledges below.

Team DCV 🙂


I pledge to try to make a difference to the lives of the people I care for.


I pledge to bring “what matters to you” to my work area in admin/management as it is as critical as front link care givers.
Debby Wilson – Governance and Risk Manager


I pledge to always try my best to take the time to talk to patients and carers, and to listen to their concerns, needs and what they want to help them make a better future and better quality of life.
Donna Wolstenholme – Clinical Lead Physiotherapist


I pledge to always challenge prejudice and impatient, discriminatory attitudes to individuals with dementia. Never let other attitudes affect my compassion and care.
Kate Rowles – Senior Bank HCA and Student Nurse


I pledge to try my best to listen, care and help every day to each individual we meet. Your sparkly mum Joan was a lucky lady.
Jennifer Barrow – Transplant Sister


I pledge to remember the individual, their life/story/family and future wants/needs/wishes.
Lyndsey Rushton – Renal Transplant Sister


I pledge to take the time to find out more about the patients that I meet/care for with dementia. To find out what and who matters to them, in order to help me help them by maintaining their own independence for as long as possible with dignity.
Pepa Crank – Student Nurse


I pledge to show every single person, every single bit of kindness that I have, just the way that my mum showed to my Nanna when she has Alzheimer’s.
Amy Smith – Student Nurse


I pledge to always see the person first. To plan care which will reflect their individual, holistic needs and not in accordance with holistic practice. To give more time to relatives than I have and to try and address their needs too.
Hazel Wright – CNS LIFT


I pledge to keep doing “the little things”. Always, for everybody who I may ever care for.
Mollie Forinton – Student Nurse


I will find out what matters and do everything I can help someone sparkle.
Denise Morris – Public Health Co-ordinator


I pledge to make the time to ask, “what matters to you” and how can I best “care” for you, every day.
Mark Harrison – Specialist Occupational Therapist


I pledge to find out the key things that matter to my patients to ensure that their care needs/spiritual/social/phycological and physical care done at all times.
Laura Manthorpe – Student Nurse


I pledge to listen to everyone as an individual. Carry on smiling all while walking. Ask more questions to everyone being busy with workload.
Nicola Bradley – Dietetic Assistant


I will continue to always listen and show understanding to my patients and always show enthusiasm within my job.


I pledge to continue to love, care, respect, listen and treat with, dignity – Encourage others to do the same.
Anita Bentham – Assistant Practitioner (Nursing)


I pledge not to make a decision about someone without knowing their background/history.
Katie Bowness – Student nurse


I pledge to always care no matter what, always make time even if it’s out of shift hours.
Claire – HCA


I pledge to be the hand what wants to listen and the kind heart that will care until I can no longer.
Kirstie Storey – AD


I will talk more about this subject to increase awareness and encourage others to do the same. Be more like Tommy.
Lisa Cocker – Clinical Tutor


I pledge to continue to be caring, passionate, member of the NHS Team.
Nik Dawson – Imaging Assistant


I pledge to change my rhetoric. I will never use the phrase – challenging behaviour.
Wendy Barnes – Student Nurse NHS


I pledge to always treat every person as I would like to be treated.
D.Henry – CNS Nutrition Learning


I pledge to ensure patients and cares have appositive and kind experience always and remembering we are part of peoples love stories.
Joanne Sharples – Imaging Assistant


I pledge to always care and listen to each individual person and their story, always.
Shannon Carroll – HCA


I pledge to promote “What Matters to You” at every opportunity for patients, carers and staff.
Jo Connolly – Trauma Network Manager


I pledge to care for other people. To make a difference. Always remember to call a person by their name, take time, slow down and listen and talk also adding value to a person’s life.
Sandra Pennant – Senior Facilities Manager


I will find out about the individual I care for and find out what matters to them. This way I can always provide person centred care.
Katie Benefer – Student Nurse


I pledge to prioritise my own mum (Who has vascular dementia) over my workload and make the time to spend with her every week.
Julie Regardsoe – Student Nurse


My pledge is to encourage others in my team and for myself to promote dementia awareness and support.
Sharon Brown – Sister


I pledge to turn “What’s the matter with you” into “What matters to you”.
Judy Pendiebury – Matron