Make a Difference – LCAV at UCLAN January 2018

Type: Pledge

Showcasing the first pledges of 2018, who come from UCLAN, were UK Lead Tommy visited on 9 January.

Big thanks to Georgina Ritchie, Course Leader for Community Specialist Practitioner Programmes, District Nursing, General Practice Nursing and Children’s Community Nursing for inviting Tommy to speak at a Practice Development Day at UCLAN and share our #makeadifference pledge campaign.

The group consisted of qualified district nurses, health visitors, school nurses, general practice nurses and children’s community nurses as well as post-qualifying students undertaking training for the specialist posts.  In addition were nurses from mental health backgrounds, local clinicians from community services and members of the UCLAN research teams, as well as lecturers from the faculty of health and well being.

Tommy was joined by Stacey McCann, Head of Nursing Strategy and Commissioning for NHS England who shared Leading Change, Adding Value Framework (This link will take you away from our website), for Nursing, Midwifery and Care staff.

Thank you for a brilliant for talk of 2018 and inspiring pledges below.

Team DCV 🙂


I pledge to ask my patients what matters to them and why u will change my practice to ensure this is achieved where possible.
Emma Bannister – Community Team Suiter


I will ask every patient carer member of staff what matter to you.


I pledge to spend more time listening to peoples wants and needs. Asking what matters not just patients but staff also.
Michelle Gilbank-Simmonds – Community Nurse


I will spend more time asking what matters to them.
Ruth Fishwick – District Nurse


I will try to remember the essence of what I became a nurse, remind others why they entered the profession, out the people I care for first and not let the pressures and stress impact this.
Katherine Dempsey – Community Staff Nurse, Future Community Specialist Practitioner


I pledge to follow Tommy Whitelaw’s pledge to change how I communicate, asking the question how do you feel about me doing that to you? what matters to you?
Adelle Duncan – Team Leader


I pledge to remember to ask, “what matters to you?” I will continue to reach across boundaries and through gaps to connect with all my partners we can do it together.
Jennifer Bell – Trainee Assistant Practitioner


I will take excellent advice to introduce “what matters to you” team meetings, to help build relationships and encourage myself and others to promote the same attitude and embed the LCAV framework to help work a difference.
Cheryl Bibby – District Nurse


I will take the time and encourage the team I work with to get to know patients with dementia and other conditions and what matters to them. Not just their condition.
Colette Rothwell – Community Nurse


I will encourage colleagues to always take the time to consider what matters most to the patients in our care.
Aileen Bateson – Community Specialist Practitioner


I will take the time to listen to what REALLY matters to patients, families, carers and colleagues.
Helen Taylor – Community Staff Nurse


I will try to educate care home staff to deliver better care for residents with dementia – more understanding remember the person and not just provide basic care.
Sarah Dixon – Trainee Practitioner


I pledge to ask what matter to you and do my upmost to support this in all the clients, students, colleagues I meet.
Tracy Greenwood – Health Visitor/ Practice Teacher


I will remember to ask “what/who matters to you”?
Amy Leyland – Student Health Visitor


I will make decisions with patients, families and carers rather than for them.


I will make a change in the adding to the admission form. What matters to you question to ensure that this is documented on admission.
Jayne Chester – Children’s Community Nurse and Lecturer at UCLAN


I will be leading by example and with “what matters” approach and being a supporting voice to patients alike and sharing within all teams.


I will try to use “what matters to you” within my team amongst my colleagues, and especially my terminology with patients.
Katie Cain – Community SIN


I will ask “what matters to you” then ask, “what can I do?” To be in partnership in making a difference for the better the families that I work with.
Julie Carter Lindsay – Health Visitor and Practice Teacher


I will have courage, give time to listen, be kind. “What matters to you”.
Hajira Qudeer – Assistant Practitioner


I will ask each person/patient I see “what matters to you”.
Lorraine Bolton – Community Nurse


I will ask that question to the people that surround me, along with the people that I meet as a nurse, as a psychotherapist, as a lecturer, as a friend, as a human being “what matters to you” and integrating the framework into my leadership module delivery in the university.
Anne-Marie Alger – Nurse Tutor and Psychotherapist.


I will speak to every person who I come across in my care as an individual without judgement, discrimination or prejudice.


I will remember to ask “what matter to you” and keep this at the heart of research and innovation design and implementation.


I will ensure that I make every contact with my families and really listen to what the children and going people want, ensuring safety and wellbeing.
Ellie Richardson – Student School Nurse


I will endeavour to ask people what and who matters to them. To treat people as individuals with dignity and respect they deserve.
Sarah Christie – Student Health Visitor


I promise to ask what matters to you and encourage my team to do the same.
Angela Hodkinson – Sister