Making a Difference with Heartlands Hospital

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Tommy returns to Birmingham to deliver 3 sessions and share our work.

Massive thanks to our wonderful friend Dr Dawn Chaplin, Divisional Head of Nursing, Patient Experience and Bereavement at University Hospitals Birmingham for inviting Tommy to give 3 sessions, sharing our Make a Difference Campaign, Leading Change, Adding Value, A Framework for Nursing, Midwifery and Care Staff (This link will take you away from our website) and wider project work, at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham for 2 open sessions and 1 with Junior doctors on 28 August 2018.

Tommy has had the privilege to speak for Dawn before when colleague’s named one of the rooms at the hospital in Memory of his late mum Joan.  The Joan Whitelaw reminiscence and therapeutic room at the Carers Week Conference and gave 3 sessions at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

We are so proud to keep our great relationship going with Dawn and the teams in Birmingham.  Another brilliant day was had meeting more remarkable people, who make a difference every day.

Thank you to Dawn and all we met, for the great kindness, care and wonderful pledges below.

Team DCV


I will always introduce myself by name and ask, “how are you today?” “how are you feeling?”.
Rebecca Jinks – Therapy Support Worker


I will always make sure I ask people what/who are important to them and put this at the core of treatment and communication.


I will find out who MR 2 and MR 5, really are. Not just the person who is sitting in the bed. But the thing they have done in the past and present and encourage other members to do the same.

I will ask my patients what matters to them and communicate this to others. I will be more flexible in my care to focus on what matters to each patient.
Georgia James – Physiotherapist


I will ensure that every patient I care for through their journey at end of life feels valued and know I care about who they are and what makes them who they are and who they always will be.
Megan O`Brien – Macmillan OT Assistant Practitioner


I will advocate for my patients in ICU where deciding to let people die is sometimes postponed for too long.
Stephanie Ashley – Staff Nurse, ICU


I will speak to the relatives/cares/friends of those we care for to get to know them – the person behind the hospital gown, monitoring equipment and life support machines.
Fiona O`Riordan – Staff Nurse


I will help increase communication, eating and drinking by reducing lost denture and hearing aids and improving mouth care.


I will acknowledge every person and provide holistic, patient centred care.
Lucinda Riley – Staff Nurse


I will always remember regardless of any pressures to always remember to remember the person behind any illness, using the right language.
Hannah Jones – Occupational Therapist


I will start every assessment with “how are you? my name is Gemma, what should I call you?”. I will let everyone that I care for know that I care.
Gemma Powell – Occupational Therapist


I will try to make every patient feel individual and remember who they are in their own world outside the hospital.
Rebecca Bradbury – Trainee Nursing Associate


I will continue to see the person in the “patient” providing dignified, personalised care. Good practice leads good practice. Promote Joan Whitelaw to teach and remind others of our duty.
Emma Reaney – Staff Nurse (Intensive Care)