Making a Difference with University of Central Lancashire 2019

Type: Pledge

UK Lead, Tommy has his first session of 2019 at UCLAN on 8 January.

Big thanks to our great friend Georgina Ritchie, Senior Lecturer and Course Leader at University of Central Lancashire for inviting Tommy to speak with a course group made up of Community Specialist Practitioner Students in District Nursing, Children’s Community Nursing, General Practice Nursing and Sister Course, Specialist Community Public Health Nurses in School Nursing and Health Visiting.

We have over the last years attended UCLAN to meet and deliver sessions with all who attend this course and were so very proud to continue our working together over 2019.

Thank you for a brilliant start to the year and wonderful pledges below.


I will actively listen to patients and make time for this at every visit with every patient.


I will be kind to myself and ask each and every patient what matters to them.
Rachel Naylor – Health Visitor


I will always remember that everyone has a story and their own fears. To always take time to talk to that person and find out the fears and support them in delivering person centred care and putting a smile on their faces.
Sarah Da Silva Conez – Specialist Community Public Health School Nurse Student


I will be sensitive with language I use with my patients and their families. I will look beyond the condition they are living with and see them as individuals with aspirations, wishes and feelings.
Aatefa Desai – Student Health Visitor


I will initiate the community nurse action tool for detecting Sepsis in the community as early detection saves lives.


I will ensure my staff feel valued by thanking them everyday and providing more positive feedback.
Marie Westwell – District Nurse Team Leader


I will continue to work on care closer to home for my patients and families and think more about communication.
Jenny Dodds – Clinical Lead Nurse in Community Children’s Nursing


I will care and look after each and every one of my clients like they are my mum, dad and family.
Louise Campbell – CSP


I will ask what matters to you? I will record it in patient notes and try to design a form to be used in notes.
Sue Murray – Community Specialist Practitioner Student


I will re-phrase how I ask questions. I will use “what matters to you?” I will try to speak to managers about the what matters to me boards – fab idea.
Helen Bolton – Paediatric Community Children`s Nurse


I will always remember to listen, everyone has a tory what matters to them.
Stephanie Cheetham – Community Specialist Practitioner Student


I will continue to be attentive and show kindness to each patient, individual and colleague each day no matter how busy I am. To show good example and encourage others.
Laura McGuire – Community Staff Nurse


I will always ask what matters to you and act on this, make team aware.
Ashlie Manby – CSP Student


Patients are people. They are someone’s relative. Treat them as your relative and not as a condition.
Sandra Carr – CSP Student


I will avoid making assumptions about a child’s condition, keep in mind that every child is different. Take time to listen to patients about what is and isn’t working for the child.
Lydia Wright – Children’s Community Nurse


I will go the extra miles that I do now. I will stay later if need be, more than now, to accommodate family’s needs more. I will be more giving than I am now spending more time with families. What matters to you?
Charlotte Mulvaney – Children’s Community Nurse


I will pledge to never use the word difficult in relation to another human being and educate my fellow collegegues to not use the term either.
Sarah Casson – CSP Student, Community Staff Nurse


I will make all my colleagues aware of the “what matters to you” campaign and help implement it in out practice.
Laura Kerr – Community Staff Nurse


I will pledge that every end of life patient has white board to have values, wishes and needs on so all nurses, carers aware. Also form in front of every patients’ holes.


I will make every contact count, make a difference to someone’s life whether that is big or small.


Today was a very powerful presentation. Sometimes staff get caught up with the politics and logistics of nursing and this was timely reminder to remember why we do the job that we do. To care for patients and their families.


I will ask every single one of my patients who and what mattes to them.
Gemma Stuart-Abel – Nurse Community Specialist Practitioner Student


I will promote to my staff the importance of asking each patients “what matters you you?”
Denise McCann – District Nursing Sister


I will ask my patients what makes a good day a good day for them.
Rachel – District Nurse


I will make the time to allow patients to tell me their story.
Joanna Houghton – District Nurse


I will not become the “manager” we have.


I will take time to listen to not only staff views but patient views. I will try to make a difference to the care the patients receive.
Leoni Holland – SPQ Student and District Nurse


I will support staff with evidence based practice to ensure patients/carers/families receive the best care available.
Yvonne Manning – District Nurse Team Leader


I will ensure standard operating process is in place – share best practice within community teams.
Martin Finch – Team Manager District Nursing