The Midlands and East Region LCAV Conference Delegates Add Pledges

Type: Pledge

Dementia Carer Voices, UK Lead, Tommy visits Leicester, to share our work at the Leading Change Adding Value Conference.

Great thanks to Alison Cargill, Regional LCAV Lead in the Midlands and East Region at NHS England, for inviting Tommy to speak at the Leading Change Adding Value Regional Conference on the 28 February 2018 at Leicester Race Course.

The conference brought together delegates from across the East Midlands to learn more about and share experiences of using Leading Change Adding Value – a framework (This link will take you away from our website) for nursing, midwifery and care staff.

Tommy shared our You Can Make a Difference campaign and how people are using the framework to turn their pledges into purposeful action.

Thank you all for a brilliant day and the wonderful pledges below!

Team DCV


I will reinstate and expand Wendy Carers – Essex.
Wendy Cares


I will strive to encourage and continue to implement and lead change within my department from a band 5 level.
Thomas Kimrade – Emergency Department Staff Nurse


I will lead by example – always treat others with kindness and compassion.  Great care comes from great leadership.  Ill continue to actively the Mary Seacole local programme to other staff across the system.
Emma Self – Head of Professional Standards.


I will video clips of patients saying than you well done and what you mean to me to the whole team.


I will talk with the 800 staff I line manage with respect, dignity and care as that the behaviour I want from them.


I will ensure I always ask carers “what matters to you and who matters to you” disseminate to other health professionals.  Direct them to Tommy Whitelaw and encourage further development.


I will ask what matters and who matters to patients.


I will spread the word of “what matters most? And encourage my colleagues to use this question.


I will implement the care bundle to support us in delivering care that is relevant to the person and create an engaging ward environment.
Anthony – Nursing Assistant.


I will expect high standards in my role – If its not good enough for my own family – I will not accept it.  As a quality manager, I will look for high standards from my services.
Vicki Graham – Quality Improvement Support Manager


I will be more confident in promoting my project to people who are negative and adverse to change.


I will enable our nurses and AHPs to share their stories relating to their pledges.
Julie Anne Murray – Deputy Director of Nursing


I will empower fellow midwives to lead change in a world often dominated by nursing in order to have the voices of when heard.
Alexandra Bircai – Deputy Head of Nursing, Quality and Safety


We are meeting as a nursing team next Thursday to evaluate our ward care, we provide in our GP practice and how we can improve the care for our patients.


I will ask what matters to them what can I do for you.


I will develop a workshop around mental capacity and the importance of allowing people with capacity to make “unwise decisions”
John Gready – Social Work Team Leader


I will keep helping the team to remember the person – why we`re doing what we do and who we do it for.


I will be mindful of being patients and carer focused.  Remembering to ask what matters to you? and who matters to you?. I will continue to lead the teams with care and compassion and not compromise the values I and the trust embrace.
Pauline Blake – Acting Training Delivery Lead.