New College Lanarkshire Pledge to Make a Difference

Type: Pledge

Sharing the ALLIANCE work and project such as ALISS, House of Care and Academy.

Tommy and Laura set off on 18 September to deliver a session at New Lanarkshire College, Coatbridge Campus. Sharing ALLIANCE projects, key message from Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland, Fiona McQueen and our Make a Difference campaign.

As well as sharing our work, Tommy continues to share his caring experience, influencing culture change and Coatbridge Campus was no exception, with not a dry eye in the house.  This then reflected in the amount of pledges we received and you can read every one of them below.

Special thanks to Kate MacKay, Health Lecturer for giving the team a very warm welcome.  Big thanks to Tony Brady and Vikki Connolly,  Health and Social Care Lecturers for assisting on the day.


Team DCV


I pledge to be positive
Caitlyn Fowler – Student


I pledge to ask what matters to others and put them first.


I will make sure I know the likes and dislikes of my patients and to give the best care possible.


I pledge to act more on what matters to everyone I love and care for. Consider how others feel every day whether it’s a good or bad day.


My pledge going forward with my future in health care is to provide the level of care given to myself as I have relied on the NHS for the last 20 years of my life.


I pledge to do exactly what is being asked of us, to provide the best quality of care and be as understanding as possible.
Kerriann McVey


I pledge to listen, to understand and to make people smile even when they may not want to. To help in anyway possible to enhance someone else’s life when times are tough.


I pledge to be more mindful of people’s needs, what they actually want and not what I think they need.


I pledge to always care and support each individual I work with and cross paths with, no matter what the circumstances are.
Nina Wright – Health and Social Care Student


I pledge to always remember who matters most and take good care of my family.


I pledge to always put other people first and be kind and caring on how they are feeling.


I pledge to be kind and remember those who matter most to me.
Kenzie Wrabhall – Carer


I pledge to always care.
Ashely McLaughlin – SWAP ACCESS to Nursing


I pledge to try to make at least one person smile everyday.


I pledge to always make any patients/person day brighter than the day before.


One thing you would change: Treat everyone with dignity and respect. Talk to the person as an individual not a diagnosis.
Debbie Brownlee


I pledge to care to the best of my abilities for others and always ask “what matters to you”


I pledge to take a few extra minutes to speak, cuddle and offer a drink if required.
Mari-Claire Docherty


I pledge to focus on the patents wants and needs to ensure they have an experience that is as positive as possible.


I pledge to not see someone by their illness but who they are always remember that person.
Niamh Kelly


My pledge is to always ask what matters to the person and do what they want that helps them.
Siobhan Cunning – SWAP Student


I pledge to continue to push to get to the career I want to do and care for people.


My pledge to is make everyone I meet have the best experience and to make them feel comfortable and make their lives even in the final moments the best.
Alex McGregor – Student


I want to make a difference to people’s lives and I hope that everyone is treated with kindness and respect.


I pledge to treat everyone with kindness and spread love within my practice, reminding people what matters most to them throughout their care journey.


I pledge to make everyone feel comfortable and make your people know they are never alone.


I want to always know what is important to each individual and to try bring it to them any way possible.


I pledge to look at each person I meet as an individual and ask what is important to them and ensure I fulfil this.


I pledge to aim to put people’s personal needs first, care for the person not just their illness.


My pledge is to do what Tommy has asked us to do and that is to be kind to every single person I have the honour of working with and make the effort to find out what matters to them.


I pledge to care for each individual with respect, dignity and learn to what matters to them, help with memories lost.
Suzanne Gillies – Level 6 Health and Social Care


I pledge to be kind, caring, show compassion to everyone, treat everyone as an equal, to always wear a smile to help brighten up someone’s day.


My pledge is to be patient and kind in every situation and to try and bring a little laughter each day to patients and colleagues.
Laura Quinn – New College Lanarkshire


My pledge is to bring happiness and laughter to each patient and colleagues I come in contact with.
Erin McDonald – New College Lanarkshire


My pledge is to always be kind, caring and loving. To always make sure people get the care they need and deserve and listen to each individual stories and focus on them.
Leanne McVey


My pledge is to have more time to think about how I can be more helpful.


I pledge to make a difference in someone’s life throughout my journey in becoming a nurse and even afterwards. Even if it’s big or small.
Morgan Kerr


My pledge is to bring happiness and kindness within my practice.
Kira Packer – New College Lanarkshire


My pledge is to make a difference to all those who I care for now and in the future. One thing you would change: Better choices.
Louise Ormond – New College Lanarkshire


I pledge to embrace life and its challenges, use these to share my story and encourage others to share theirs
Kimberley Wilson – New College Lanarkshire


My pledge is to be kind and caring and always treat people the way I would want to be treated.
Lindsay – Coatbridge College


My pledge is to be kind and consider how others feel.
Jennifer Smillie – Coatbridge College


My pledge is to make the world a better, more, loving and caring place.


My pledge is to always give person centred care throughout my career.
Carly McMahon – Support Worker


My pledge is to remain positive, kind and compassionate throughout my career as I have done for 10 year in nursing and care so far.
Nicola Roberts – Rehabilitation


I pledge to always be kind to others at work and at home.


My pledge is to make a difference.
Vikki McFaulds – New College Lanarkshire


I pledge to be kind and caring and to communicate with those in my care.


I pledge to listen. To take the time to listen to people, especially when they are feeling low. Asking people about their lives, asking them what matters to them and their families. Getting people I work with to listen to people and make them aware.
Dionne Morrissey – Team Leader


I pledge to bring and encourage better care.


I pledge to listen to service user stories in more depth in order to understand them more as an individual.


I pledge to always find out what and who matters to the people I will be caring for in the future.


I pledge to ask each individual patient I care for what matters to them.
Rebecca McLure – Student


I pledge to ensure I always know what matters to the people I care for.


I pledge to always ensure I am giving the best form of care I can. Ask people what matters to them. Know their name and not only their condition.
Lauren McDonald – Student


I pledge to find out what matters to the person.
Fiona Nelson


I pledge to see the person not the problem.


I pledge to make a difference to the last years/months of someone’s life, remind them how important they are.
Julia Smith – Carer/Student


I pledge to become a brilliant nurse and make an inspiration to others life’s the way my life has been given inspiration.
Stephanie McDougall – Care Assistant Enhance Healthcare


I pledge to care for everyone who I meet to the best of my ability and to ensure they have their say on the care they receive.
Margaret O`Rourke – New College Lanarkshire Coatbridge


I pledge to spend more time listening to my gran who I live with. I also pledge if I’m lacking enough to qualify as a paramedic be a better one very day for everyone I come to help.


I pledge for me and my brother to care for our mother and keep her out a care home, she has dementia.
Derek Wedlock


I pledge to help people when I can.
Michael – Student


I pledge to look after my mu if her cancer ever comes back.
Jemma Crossan – Student


I pledge to help make a difference in people’s lives.


I pledge regardless of how stressful a day I am having I promise to make someone smile.


I pledge to at least once a day ask an elder persons how their day is going.
Yvonne Gardner – Student Coatbridge


My pledge is to make someone’s day a bit brighter/make a difference and make them smile.
Rebecca Fitzimmons – HNC CAP


I pledge to make a difference, even if it benefits only one person, to see one more smile.
Emma Rose Carroll – HNC CAP


I pledge to make sure everyone is enjoying their life to the fullest.


I pledge to make sure treat everyone with respect and make sure they live life to the fullest.
Meaghan Whitefield


My pledge is to take the time to find out what matters to people and what is important to them.
Demi Crawford – Student


I pledge to listen to what matters to my peers/friends/family and help when I can.
Maureen Wright – Student


I pledge to remind people they matter.