NHS Borders District Nurses Add Pledges

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NHS Borders District Nurses Team

Dementia Carer Voices invited to give a talk to NHS Borders District Nurses, Community Teams, Ward Colleagues and Students Nurses.

Big thanks to Lynn Weir for inviting Tommy to meet and speak with colleagues across NHS Borders.  Lynn invited fellow District Nurses, Community Teams, Ward Colleagues and Students Nurses along to Haywood Health Centre in Peebles, to hear Tommy speak.

Lynn and the team are starting off a very exciting piece of partnership work with carers across the area with support from the Queens Institute Scotland so we very honoured to be invited along to share our Project and Make a Difference Campaign.

Thank you Lynn for the great work to make the day happen, kindness, dedication and care.

Read the inspiring pledges below and see the growing pledge tree from the District Nurses.

Team DCV 🙂


I pledge to always remember my own as I care for people – to be kind. One thing you would change: More time.
Audrey Pirie – Staff Nurse


I pledge to always ask the people/patients that I meet what matters to them? Be there for families and carers as well as the individual person.


I pledge to always look at the bigger picture and ask and listen to what matters to individuals, whilst maintaining their respect and dignity.


I pledge to go into every house with active kindness. One thing you would change: Ensure all conversations with teams (colleagues), are encouraging and supportive.


I pledge to spend more time and listen more.


I pledge to see the person within the patient.


I pledge to remember the person not the dementia. Treat people with kindness and respect.
Julie Tait – S/N Haylodge Hospital NHS Borders