NHS England North Care Sector Conference

Type: Pledge

Liverpool, What Matters To You Event took place on 11 June. UK Lead, Tommy was there to launch the tree on #DAW18

Big thanks to Christine Griffith – Evans, Sue Moon, Kelly Scath,  Alison Scullion, colleagues and delegates at the NHS England North Conference for Cheshire and Merseyside Care Sector for a brilliant day.

Tommy was invited to speak and share our Make a Difference Campaign, Leading Change Adding Value, A Framework for Nursing Midwifery and Care Staff (This link will take you away from our website) and What Matters to You? (This link will take you away from our website)

We had a day full kindness, care and great ideas.  The team had produced what matters to you banners/trees that were full of inspirational ideas to take forward and action.

A few delegates shared personal pledges with Tommy on the day that you can read below.

Thank you to all for an inspiring day.

Team DCV 🙂


I will think about the concept of what matters to those I work beside and build into my daily work.
Chishe Griffith Evans – Deputy Director of Nursing


I will ask all my team what matters to them and their service users, Led by example use keyrings.
Debbie Clark – Operations Manager


I will start to make a difference tree. Look at valued based recruitment.
Yvette Alexopoulos – Deputy Manager


I will take all that I have heard back to my team I need that I have been uplifted. We become complacent with what we do it was lovely.
Jane O`Rourke – Home Manager


I will ask everyone I support what matters to them.
Karen Sherlock – Assistant Manager


I will continue to ensure that my residents and their families are at the centre and focus of everything that I do. I will promote the lead and example for all departments in my home.
P.Rawland – General Manager


I will to implement “what matters to you” implement leading change adding value. E-learning and pledge tree completion.
Deborah Payne – Home Manager


I will ensure this information is escalated to all my staff and I will champion change. Stop you: Nothing. Shaun Morrissy – General Manager


I will look at how I make a difference. I will encourage all my staff to complete the e-learning.
I will be kind to ourselves and others.
June Wilson – Contracts and Performance Manager


I will complete the e-learning tool. I will ensure that I promote with my staff about what matters I would love for you to come and do a talk at the dementia home I run.
Kelly Crabtree – Registered Nurse


I will try the what matters to me tree, but for residents and relatives as well as staff.
Carol Brown – Deputy Manager


I will contact two brothers not spoken to since mother’s death in 2002 as a result of vascular dementia.
Steve Houghton – Compliance Officer


The standard you walk past is the standard you accept. Use “ship shape or ship out” All staff to step up and follow my new example. I will not turn a blind eye to anything that did not meet my high expectations.
Heather Ward – Matron/Manager


I will lead, empower and inspire my staff in my care home as a registered manager to ensure the what matters to me ethos is embedded within my home.
Clare Hulett – Registered Nurse


I will look at what we can do to make a change to make a difference. I will involve the team, listen to ideas and ask, “what matters to you”.
Janice Jones – Manager


I will educate staff, lead by example and promote listening and taking action not to lose sight of client needs. Continue person centred approach.
Louise Murphy – Care Manager


I will tell people about the capacity key rings and promote the different ways of communicating. I will gain knowledge of 5 good communication standards.
Angela Orritt – Mental Health Nurse


I will take at least 15 mins each shift to speak to a patient/patient’s family to get to know them, not as a nurse but as individual’s just having a chat.
Elesha – Student Nurse


I will make some time to introduce myself to any patients and get to know something about them that will make them feel as ease and happy.
Jessica Nowicks – Student Nurse


I will make sure cares and patients have dignity and are reassured on how good a job they are doing. Be kind and always remember the patients have a life, family. Always take an interest with patients with dementia.
Jeanette McNally – Adult Student Nurse


I will show more of my story about my little boy who has down syndrome and struggled through leukaemia, sever learning disability and chronic illness.
Anita Maestri-Banks – Senior Lecturer and Nurse